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Since technology has become an integral part of life, experts in Information Technology (IT) are in high demand, and one of the most prestigious fields in IT to consider is IT security. The growing cases of cyberattacks have forced organizations to invest heavily in the security of their information and systems. Therefore, there are countless […]

CompTIA Security+ is one of the most popular certifications in information technology and cybersecurity. Every IT professional planning to venture into the field of cybersecurity is encouraged to get this certification because it can have a significant impact on their career–but is CompTIA Security+ worth it? This is a major concern among IT experts who […]

As the cases of data theft and other cybersecurity issues continue to rise, businesses and organizations insist on maintaining firm control over their data by hiring IT professionals with all the necessary data protection certifications. One of the most important cybersecurity certifications you need to get when you’re pursuing a career in information security is […]

You want to become an IT professional, so you’re considering taking the Security+ exam and you hear about something called the Network+ exam. You may wonder if you should first obtain the Network+ certification or go straight for the Security+ certificate after undergoing Security Plus certification training. In this article, we’ll explore the relationship between […]

Researching Best IT Certificate

The first step in our five-part series outlining each step of how to earn employer sponsorship for IT training begins with researching the right certification for your current job. Whether your current position requires a deeper understanding of technology or you are looking to take on a role with more responsibility – there’s an IT […]

microsoft technical certifications

There have been plenty of changes recently to the Microsoft certification structure. Primarily, these changes have been driven by the increasing emphasis on cloud technology. Azure is Microsoft’s flagship cloud computing service. Almost all of Microsoft’s certification tracts have been modified to include information about Azure integration in its products and how they will function […]

Why You Should Consider a CompTIA Linux+ Certification ONLC Training Centers

If you go to any job search website and type in Linux+, you will most likely see hundreds if not thousands of jobs that list a CompTIA Linux+ Certification as a recommended skill for prospective job applicants, if not a requirement. Linux is an industry-leading platform that runs a very large percentage of today’s IT […]

Office Certification

CompTIA certifications are an asset to you and your company when obtained through a certified training facility. These certifications let employers know that: you’re a specialist in the areas that are important to their business you have obtained extra training in these areas and you have the certificate to prove it you are highly motivated […]


The new Cyberseek service, just released by CompTIA, is a tool designed to help bridge the cybersecurity talent gap. The tools included in this service provide information on the supply and demand for cybersecurity professionals and can help everyone involved in the employment spectrum, from students to company executives. One of the helpful tools offered […]