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Gaining a formal certification through an accredited Tableau course is an opportunity for data analysts and other professionals working with complex data sets to grow and demonstrate their skills. Because Tableau is one of the most widely used and sought-after data visualization tools available, anyone with a certification is a more valuable asset to professional […]

Tableau classes vary in course content, proficiency level, duration, and cost, depending on the existing knowledge and capabilities of the student or group and the structure of the tuition. For example, online self-study courses may be taken at your own pace compared to  instructor-led courses which follow a defined schedule.   Three-day level one courses […]

Undertaking Tableau training and working toward a formal certification can assist data analysts and other professionals in adding a certified skill to their resume, verifying software proficiency and proven ability to provide advanced data visualizations.   Certified Tableau analysts can use their tuition to improve their data management capabilities, with the exam-verified certifications covering the […]