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Ethical hacking refers to the practice where a skilled computer professional tries to hack into software and security systems. They do so for the purpose of detecting flaws and gaps where unethical hackers could gain access or exploit weak points. This helps strengthen security and is a common practice employed by most organizations as part […]

If you go to any job search website and type in Linux+, you will most likely see hundreds if not thousands of jobs that list a CompTIA Linux+ Certification as a recommended skill for prospective job applicants, if not a requirement. Linux is an industry-leading platform that runs a very large percentage of today?s IT […]

If you?re looking for a data visualization tool, you have undoubtedly come across Tableau and Microsoft Power BI as potential solutions. Both provide most of the functionality that you would ever need, but a few characteristics might make one a better fit for your specific organization or project. There are several factors to consider when […]