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Windows 10 Enterprise includes a number of features, including application vetting and biometric authentication that have the potential to make Windows 10 the most secure desktop OS for enterprise users. IT professionals should be aware of these important Windows 10 security features. 1. Device Guard Device Guard is Microsoft’s latest evolution of application vetting to […]


If you have to write and present content in a professional manner quickly, Microsoft Word is probably your best bet. Much more than just a text editor, this robust program can edit PDF content, align tables and charts, edit and position images, accommodate videos, provide suggestions for alternate word choices, fix spelling errors, illuminate grammar […]


Microsoft offers a wide variety of office-related software to meet the needs of customers from small business owners to major corporations. For the business user, there are two options for licensing the Office suite: Office 2016 and Office 365. Which is right for you? Read our analysis of the major differences bewteen Office 2016 vs. […]


Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President of the Operating Systems Group at Microsoft, wore a shirt to the 2015 Build conference with binary code in a Windows logo, and a shrewd developer deciphered the message. It read: “Windows 10, because 7 8 9”. When spoken out loud, it is the humorous answer to one of the […]


In December 2012, Microsoft announced the Microsoft Technology Associate certification program was being opened to the public. Providing IT fundamentals in three different career paths (IT, Infrastructure, and Database), MTA certification builds a solid foundation for a career in IT. How MTA Certification Works The MTA certification validates 80% knowledge and 20% skills through a […]


As a developer or programmer, you’re expected to not only be competent, but to be a master when it comes to key competencies like Java. For some companies, keeping their employees at the forefront of these competencies is a priority, as it well should be. It boosts employee morale, makes employees feel valued and not […]


In the 2016 release, Microsoft continues to highlight the cloud-based collaborative features, focusing on allowing users to share documents, spreadsheets and presentations. But, even if you don’t need to use the collaboration abilities in Office, there are still plenty of new additions to excite your interest. Let’s walk through how Office 2016 is setting the […]


The preview to Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is out, and this latest update looks to move away from the Azure focus and more toward an Agile upgrade style, while turbo-charging queries and other power-user options. Azure will instead serve as a testing ground for new features that are rolled out to localized products as they’re […]