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Company-wide Savings on Instructor-led Applications Training

Our Corporate Education Account Saver for Applications—CEA Apps Saver—provides clients, who have a volume need, with a way to purchase instructor-led (ILT) business applications training at a set discount for their entire company.

ONLC's CEA Apps Saver

The CEA Apps Saver is a pre-payment program. When you purchase it, your training dollars go into an account. Your starting balance determines the discount that will be applied when employees from your company register for our public classes.* A CEA Apps Saver is good for a period of up to 12 months. The greater your initial purchase, the greater your discount.

Additional Benefits

With this program your company receives a set discount on our classroom training.* You’ll also enjoy...

Convenience. You'll save time, paperwork and effort with a CEA Apps Saver. It lets you stay on budget plus handle all of your training needs for a year while maximizing your training dollars.

Ease. Because your discount is established with this purchase, there’s no need to negotiate prices for every registration. Your discount applies to your entire company, so each employee who registers for a public class at ONLC will receive your company discount.

Flexibility. Your discount is good on end-user and business applications classes. Your employees can attend training at any ONLC location or from home/office PC via our Remote Classroom Instruction (RCI). Additionally, you can use funds in this account as payment for any private and custom classes.

Reporting. You can stay abreast of your account status via a custom link you're given when you purchase. The report provides details on who from your company has attended training and for which classes. It also contains your account balance so you can easily monitor your remaining funds.


To Purchase

Start saving today with a CEA Apps Saver from ONLC Training Centers. To order, call your Education Advisor at...

TEL: 1-800-288-8221
(Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm EASTERN)


Other Saver Plans are available for single- and multi-users. Please contact our Education Advisors at the toll free number so you're sure you are saving the most on your training.

* Full payment is required before your CEA Saver discount will be applied. Cannot be combined with other discounts or programs and is limited to instructor-led (ILT) end-user and business applications classes, and may exclude other class titles—see exclusions. In instances when two discounts are available, the client will receive the greater of the two. CEA Saver expires when account balance reaches zero or one year from date of purchase, whichever happens first. Any unused funds in the account after 12 months are subject to forfeit. Accounts are non-refundable, non-transferable. Please contact an ONLC Advisor if you have questions or wish to purchase. Other restrictions may apply.

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