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How RCI Differs from Other Synchronous Internet Classes

Some people initially reject RCI training because they think it like other synchronous training options that they are familiar with.  RCI is not like “distance learning” or “eLearning” classes.  Take a minute to learn more about the RCI differences outlined below before deciding if RCI training is right for you.

There are two major things that make the RCI experience different. First RCI is centered on classroom instruction. As a result, the flow and feel of the class is almost exactly the same as a regular instructor-led training.

Second, unlike a web seminar where you are just watching a presentation, with RCI you have a second connection into the training room that allows you to run the software for the class. This gives you the ability to follow along with the instructor and do practice labs right during the class.

The table below highlights some of the differences between RCI and other synchronous training classes.

  Distance Learning Remote Classroom Instruction
Instructor Presentation Mostly one-way communication with little interaction. When combined with large class sizes, there is very little student interaction. Interactive with students encouraged to ask questions. When combined with small class sizes, students and the instructor develop a rapport.
Labs Conducted outside of the class. If you get busy, labs might not be attempted.

Conducted during the class. This ensures that you will have the time to do the lab.

Getting Help Little or no “real time” assistance available. Student may be able to ask questions via email or text chat. Instructor can see student's screen and offer assistance as issues are encountered. With speaker phones students simply speak up if they have questions.
Class Flow Lectures up to 3 hours in duration followed by independent lab time. Short explanation, demonstrations and questions, followed by hands-on labs—just like a regular instructor-led class. Classes typically run from 9:00 to 4:30.
Class Size Can go as high as 40 to 60 participants. Can go as high as 16. Typically no more than 6 remote students in a class. Average class size is under 10.
Interruptions If training is conducted at your workplace, you may be subject to interruptions. RCI training is offered in our classroom facilities making you less susceptible to interruptions by co-workers.
Meeting Other Students If training is conducted at your workplace or home, you will not be able to meet other students. Even though and instructor might not be present in your classroom, there is a good chance that you will be in event with other remote students at that location.



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