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Web Development with Bootstrap 4 and Angular 2 Course Outline

 (4 days)
Two of the most popular frontend frameworks, Angular and Bootstrap, have undergone a major overhaul to embrace emerging web technologies so that developers can build cutting-edge web applications.

During this class, you'll dive, fingers first, into the basics of both the tools, and once you're familiar with them, you'll move onto Bootstrap's new grid system and Angular's built-in directives. You'll then learn how to format output using Angular's
pipes and how to make use of the built-in router to set up routes for all your components.

Webpack will be your buddy to wrap up your project. Then, after throwing in some SASS to make things pretty, you'll learn how to validate the forms you've built and debug your application. Finally, you'll go on to learn how to obtain smooth transitioning
from Bootstrap to Angular and then how to hook up with a server and use Firebase as the persistence layer.

Once you're done with this class, you'll not only have a lovely little e-commerce application running, but you'll also take with you the confidence to innovate and build your own applications with ease.

What You Will Learn
Develop Angular 2 single page applications using an ecosystem of helper tools
Get familiar with Bootstrap’s new grid and helper classes
Embrace TypeScript and ECMAScript 2015 to write more maintainable code
Use custom directives for Bootstrap 4 with the ng2-bootstrap library
Understand the component-oriented structure of Angular 2 and its Router
Make use of the built-in HTTP library to work with API endpoints
Use Observables and Streams to manage the app’s data and state
Combine Angular 2 and Bootstrap 4 along with Firebase in the development of a solid example

Course Outline

1: Saying Hello!
Setting up a development environment
A TypeScript crash course
What are promises?
Angular 2 concepts
SystemJS loader and JSPM package manager
Writing your first application
Creating and bootstrapping an Angular component
Integrating Bootstrap 4

2: Working with Bootstrap Components
Bootstrap 4
Introduction to Sass
Example project
Designing layouts with grids and containers
Using images
Using Cards
Using buttons

3: Advanced Bootstrap Components and Customization
How to capture a customer's attention
Products page layout

4: Creating the Template
Diving deeper into Angular 2
Welcome page analysis
Application structure
Navigation component
Template expressions
Template statements
Data binding
Built-in directives
Structural directives
Category product component

5: Routing
Modern web applications
The router configuration
Redirecting routes
Router outlet
Router links
Product card
Products grid component
Router change events
Routing strategies

6: Dependency Injection
What is dependency injection?
A real-life example
Dependency injection
The hierarchy of injectors
Category service
The shopping cart

7: Working with Forms
HTML form
Bootstrap forms
Formless search
Product View
Angular 2 forms
Cart view
The Checkout View

8: Advanced Components
The directive lifecycle
The Angular lifecycle hooks
Change detection and rendering
Content projection (only for components)
After view (only for components)
Parent to child communications

9: Communication and Data Persistence
Client to server communication
The HttpModule
The in-memory Web API
The HTTP client
The HTTP Promises
RxJS library
Observables versus promises
Observables in search-by-title
Introduction to Firebase
Connecting to Firebase
Deploying the application to Firebase

10: Advanced Angular Techniques
Webpack migration
Preparing our project for production
User authentication
Adding authentication in the application
Enabling authentication provider
AngularFirebase2 authentication
The ng2-bootstrap
Angular CLI
Just-in-time compilation
AOT compilation
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