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VMware vSphere 6 Advanced Infrastructure Deployment Course Outline

 (4 days)
Version 6.0

This fully-interactive, hands-on class places students directly in to a real VMware vSphere™ 6 datacenter, using real servers and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Cloud Computing resources.

Our VMware vSphere™ 6 Advanced Infrastructure Deployment class offers an in-depth exploration of advanced vSphere operations and administration. Ideally suited for experienced VMware admins, this class emphasizes "best practice" techniques for maintaining a production VMware vSphere environment.

The class will begin with a pre-configured vCenter server including available Virtual Machine Templates. Each student will then perform a scripted ESX Server installation and deploy and iSCSI SAN.

Students will complete the class with an enhanced knowledge of VMware vSphere administration, security and performance monitoring. All students will have hands-on experience with real servers which will translate directly to their professional environment.

• Create an ESXi Installer script and perform a scripted ESX installation
• Implement SAN Storage with VMware Pluggable Path Selection Policy
• Manage networking and vSwitches
• Understand and use VMware SSO Authentication
• Implement and test High Availability
• Use VMware API for Data Protection (Backup tools)
• Configure and use Update Management
• Learn Compliance and Remediation
• Use all Remote Command Line Interface(s)
o vMA
o vCLI
o ESXi Shell
• Understand and use esxtop to collect and analyze performance data.
• Monitor Enterprise Performance

Each objective will be reinforced with over 50 hands-on Step-by-Step Labs
(SBS Labs)!

Who should attend
Administrators who are responsible for a VMware vSphere™ 6 environment.

Our VMware vSphere™ 6 Advanced Infrastructure Deployment class is intended for current VMware admins who have some experience with both ESXi and vCenter Server.

Course Outline

Module 1. Introduction and Overview
SBS LAB I.     Connecting to the datacenter

Module 2. Understanding the environment
SBS LAB I.     Network considerations
SBS LAB II.     Storage considerations
SBS LAB III.     Hardware considerations
SBS LAB IV.     Active Directory
SBS LAB V.     Domain Controller considerations
SBS LAB VI.     A-Records

Module 3. Network Administration
SBS LAB I.     Deploy multiple vSwitches
SBS LAB II.     Manage Physical adapters (NIC’s)
SBS LAB III.     Understand vSphere MAC addresses
SBS LAB IV.     Use VLAN's
SBS LAB V.     Using Wireshark – network traffic sniffer

Module 4. ESX Storage Administration
SBS LAB I.     Deploying a highly available enterprise SAN
SBS LAB II.     SAN Multipathing
SBS LAB III.     Using VMware Path Selection Policy (PSP)
SBS LAB IV.     Create a VMFS Volume at the command line
SBS LAB V.     VMFS Volume Recovery

Module 5. Mission Critical Virtual Machines
SBS LAB I.     Disk adapter use and choice
SBS LAB II.     Network adapter use and choice
SBS LAB III.     CPU allocation

Module 6. DRS Implementation
SBS LAB I.     Test DRS Thresholds
SBS LAB II.     Monitor DRS operation
SBS LAB III.     Implement and Use Distributed Power management
SBS LAB IV.     Troubleshoot DRS

Module 7. Performance Monitoring
SBS LAB I.     esxtop
SBS LAB II.     Performance Charts
SBS LAB III.     Performance Monitoring and reporting tools

Module 8. Business Continuity
SBS LAB I.     HA (High Availability)
SBS LAB II.     Snapshots
SBS LAB III.     Virtual Machine Data Protection and Backup
I. VMware vStorage API for Data Protection
ii. Deploy a Windows Backup server integration with the vStorage API for Data Protection
SBS LAB IV.     Troubleshooting Business Continuity

Module 9. Advanced Permissioning for VMware vSphere and multi-tennancy
SBS LAB I.     Create Resource Pools
SBS LAB II.     Assign Roles and users

Module 10. VMware vRealize Operations Manager
SBS LAB I.     Understanding the components of VMware vRealize Operations Manager
SBS LAB II.     Deploy VMware vRealize Operations Manager
SBS LAB III.     Navigating the VMware vRealize Operations Manager user interface
SBS LAB IV.     Performing capacity planning and needs analysis
SBS LAB V.     Using VMware vRealize Operations Manager for forensic analysis

Module 11. Compliance and Remediation
SBS LAB I.     Reporting
SBS LAB II.     Log File Administration
i.     vCenter Log file administration
ii.     ESX Log file administration
SBS LAB III.     Remediation
i.     Using VMware Update Manager
ii.     Host update management

Module 12. Remote CLI Administration
SBS LAB I.     Installing and using VMware vSphere Management Assistant (vMA) - Linux
SBS LAB II.     Installing and using VMware vCLI – Windows
i.     Running ‘esxcli’ commands
ii.     Performing a host configuration backup with ‘vicfg-cfgbackup’
iii.     Do a full host restore with ‘vicfg-cfgbackup’
SBS LAB III.     Installing and using Power Shell for vSphere
i.     Implement a Power Shell script

Module 13. ESXi Scripted Install
SBS LAB I.     Create a “kickstart” installer script
SBS LAB II.     Deploy an ESXi host with a scripts
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