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MySQL Administration and Development

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MySQL Administration and Development Course Outline

MySQL® is the open source community's most popular Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) offering, and is a key part of LAMP – Linux™, Apache™, MySQL®, PHP/Perl/Python®. Many Fortune 500 companies adopt MySQL to reap the benefits of an open source, platform-independent RDMS, such as simplifying conversion from other platforms and lowering database Total Cost of Ownership by 90%. This class encourages the student to explore database fundamentals, as well as MySQL features. Students learn the basics of MySQL use and the programming of stored routines and triggers. Students also participate in database design discussions, perform administrative functions, learn about optimization and performance tuning, and explore various APIs. This course covers MySQL 5.6.

Application and web developers, or system administrators.

Prior experience installing software and programming in any language, such as HTML, is recommended but not required.

Number of Days
4 days

Course Outline

Section 1 An introduction to MySQL
Chapter 1     An introduction to relational databases and SQL
Chapter 2     How to use MySQL Workbench and other development tools

Section 2 The essential SQL skills
Chapter 3     How to retrieve data from a single table
Chapter 4     How to retrieve data from two or more tables
Chapter 5     How to code summary queries
Chapter 6     How to code subqueries
Chapter 7     How to insert, update, and delete data
Chapter 8     How to work with data types
Chapter 9     How to use functions

Section 3 Database design and implementation
Chapter 10     How to design a database
Chapter 11     How to create databases, tables, and indexes
Chapter 12     How to create views

Section 4 Stored program development
Chapter 13     Language skills for writing stored programs
Chapter 14     How to use transactions and locking
Chapter 15     How to create stored procedures and functions
Chapter 16     How to create triggers and events

Section 5 Database administration
Chapter 17     An introduction to database administration
Chapter 18     How to secure a database
Chapter 19     How to back up and restore a database

Appendix A     How to install the software for this book on Windows
Appendix B     How to install the software for this book on Mac OS X

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