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Alteryx Concepts - Level 2

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Alteryx Concepts - Level 2 Course Outline

This two-day instructor-led course is designed to give students who are already familiar with Alteryx Designer a more in-depth look at its capabilities. This course picks up where the level 1 class leaves off and focuses on the features of the product that allow automation, application development, integration and advanced analysis through a series of hands-on, project-based exercises. By the end of the course, students will have had the opportunity to develop macros, integrate with external systems, and perform advanced statistical analysis using Alteryx Designer.

Audience Profile
The primary audience for this course is BI professionals and other technically proficient business users who want to analyze data using Alteryx Designer.

This course assumes that students will have completed the Alteryx Concepts: Level 1 class or have familiarity equivalent to the material covered in that course:
Alteryx Concepts: Level 1

Module 1: Review of Alteryx Designer Basics
This module provides a brief, high-level review of Alteryx Designer and the process of creating a basic solution:
The Alteryx Analytics Platform
Acquiring Data
Shaping and Transforming Data
Creating and distributing a report

Module 2: Creating an Analytical App
This module introduces several more sophisticated transformation techniques and packages them into an Analytical App. Topics include:
Creating Check Box questions
The Detour and Detour End tools
The Dynamic Rename tool
The JSON Parse tool
The Message tool

Module 3: In-DB Tools
This module explores a series of tools that allow interaction with a live relational database. The demonstrations and lab work in the course use Microsoft SQL Server, but the concepts are broadly applicable across most major RDBMS platforms including Oracle, Teradata, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, SAP Hana, etc. Topics include:
Browse In-DB
Connect In-DB
Data Stream In/Out
Filter In-DB
Join In-DB
Macro Input/Output In-DB
Select In-DB
Summarize In-DB
Union In-DB
Write Data In-DB
Sample In-DB

Module 4: Integrating with Other Systems
Alteryx has a number of tools and connectors that make it easy to connect to external services. In this module, students construct a simple trend analysis solution and integrate it with Twitter. Topics include:
The Download tool
The Twitter Search tool

Module 5: Procedural Programming
Although Alteryx is designed to make acquiring and transforming data simple, it also includes powerful, flexible programming tools for building more complex solutions. This module introduces students to the programming side of Alteryx. Topics include:
Block Until Done
Dynamic Input
Dynamic Replace
Dynamic Select
Field Info
Run Command
The Test tool
The Throttle tool
JSON Build

Module 6: Statistics in Alteryx
Alteryx includes powerful analytical tools, making it easy to perform various analyses using standard, prepackaged techniques. This module also introduces the topic of integrating R into Alteryx solutions. Topics include:
Basic Data Profile
Field Summary
Frequency Table
Pearson Correlation
Spearman Correlation
Decision Tree
Forest Model
Support Vector Machine
TS Compare
TS Forecast
Linear Regression
Logistic Regression
Na´ve Bayes Classifier
The Stepwise tool
Append Cluster
K-Centroids Cluster Analysis
K-Centroids Cluster Diagnostics
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