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Office 365 Migration Course Outline

 (2 days)
Version 365

Office Online provides users with core Office applications in order to expand their ability to collaborate and work more efficiently from anywhere on any device. This course is designed for users who have an Office Online, Office 365, or Office Enterprise account.
In this course you will create an Office Online personal account, through which you will receive the online versions of the familiar Office applications Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and OneNote. You will also have access to additional included Office 365 online applications (OneDrive, Docs.com, and Skype) that encourage collaboration and, through hands-on guided practice, learn how to share your work between devices and with others.

Course Objectives
To acquaint users with the online versions of familiar applications
To guide users in the collaboration features of Office Online

Familiarity with Office Suite

Course Outline

1. Setting up/Logging onto Microsoft accounts
a.     Benefits to using Office Online
b.     Supported Browsers

2. Outlook
a.     Sending an email
b.     Adding contacts
c.     Opening an email
d.     Opening and sending attachments

3. Calendar
a.     Adding an event or task
b.     Importing a calendar
c.     Sharing a calendar

4. Online Apps (Overview of Functionality)
a.     Excel
b.     PowerPoint
c.     Word

5. OneNote
a.     Ribbon
b.     Managing Notebooks
c.     As a collaboration tool

6. OneDrive
a.     Adding documents
b.     Sharing documents
c.     Organization and versioning
d.     Storage Limitations
e.     Security

7. Collaboration using Office Online
a.     Real-time Co-authoring
b.     Sending Links
c.     Editing documents
d.     Security and Permissions

8. Docs.com
a.     Journaling
b.     Audience analysis

9. Skype
a.     IMing
b.     Sharing

10. Feature Comparison

Office 365 (Business Extension) Level 2

In this extension of the Office Online course, you will discover the enhancements to Office Online products that Office 365 provides for businesses that will increase collaboration and productivity within your business.

This course requires an Office 365 Business or Enterprise account. You will learn how to use applications specific to Office 365, such as OneDrive for Business and Delve, to share and discuss documents or presentations. We will explore the differences between the online versions of the core Office applications and their desktop counterparts, focusing on how best to use the online versions to enhance collaboration and productivity.

Course Objectives
To examine the features available through Office 365 for Business

Office Online Core course

Course Outline

1. Benefits of Office 365

2. Logging on to Business/Education account
a.     Rendering issues between desktop and online versions

3. OneDrive for Business and SharePoint
a.     Personal site
b.     Auditing and Reporting
c.     Granular Control
d.     Adding and Deleting Documents
e.     Collaboration
f.     Organization and Versioning

4. Yammer
a.     Groups
b.     Conversations
c.     Documents
d.     Social graph

5. Skype for Business
a.     Skype Meeting Broadcast
b.     Skype Room Systems
c.     Security
d.     Video calls

6. Sway
a.     Adding content
b.     Design elements

7. Delve
a.     Profiles
b.     Content Cards
c.     Finding, Saving, and Using Information
8.     Feature Comparison

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