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Excel 2013 Exam Prep - Expert Course Outline

 (1 day)
Version 2013

*** This Class is for Experienced Excel Users Seeking Excel Expert Certification ***
This live, instructor-led course is delivered by having the class complete a series of practice exams which mirror the format that you will see when taking the actual exams. In addition, exam preparation techniques will be reviewed.

Instructor-Guided Exam Review
The concepts covered in the exams will not be "taught" in this class. This class focuses on what to expect during the real exams and strategies to prepare you for the exams.

GMetrix Exam Prep Software
Participants will work through a series of exam simulations using Excel and exam prep software by GMetrix, the industry's leading provider of Microsoft Office Specialist exams. (After the class, you will have continued access to the test prep software.)

MOS 2013 Study Guide
In addition, you will receive a copy of the best selling paperback, the "MOS 2013 Study Guide for Microsoft Excel Expert" that will help you review any areas where you feel you need additional study after the class.

This course is for individuals who have taken all 3 levels of our Excel training or who have significant work experience with Excel spanning all topics required for certification. While a limited number of Excel concepts will be reviewed, the course will focus on preparation and studying techniques as well as how to use the GMetrix Exam Prep software.

What You Get With the Class
One Day of Instructor Guided Exam Preparation
GMetrix Practice Tests After the Class
MOS 2013 Study Guide Paperback

Excel 2013 Expert Exam Objectives (Exams 77-427 & 77-428)
The topics shown below are represent the objectives for exams 77-427 and 77-428. Only a very limited number of these topics will be reviewed in class. The topics are listed to help participants review area needed for further independent study.

Manage and share workbooks
Track changes
manage comments
identify errors
troubleshoot with tracing
display all changes
retain all changes

Manage multiple workbooks
Modify existing templates
merge multiple workbooks
manage versions of a workbook
copy styles from template to template
copy macros from workbook to workbook
link to external data

Apply custom formats and layouts
Apply advanced conditional formatting and filtering
Write custom conditional formats
use functions to format cells
create advanced filters
manage conditional formatting rules

Prepare a workbook for internationalization and accessibility
Modify tab order among workbook elements and objects
display data in multiple international formats
modify worksheets for use with accessibility tools
utilize international symbols
manage multiple options for +Body and +Heading fonts

Apply custom data formats
Create custom formats (Number, Time, Date)
create custom accounting formats
use advanced Fill Series options

Apply custom styles and templates
Create custom color formats
create and modify cell styles
create and modify custom templates
create form fields

Look up data with functions
Utilize the LOOKUP function
utilize the VLOOKUP function
utilize the HLOOKUP function
utilize the TRANSPOSE function

Apply advanced date and time functions
Utilize the NOW and TODAY functions
use functions to serialize dates and times

Apply functions in formulas
Utilize the IF function in conjunction with other functions
utilize AND/OR functions
utilize nested functions
utilize SUMIFS, AVERAGEIFS, and COUNTIFS functions

Create scenarios
Utilize the watch window
consolidate data
enable iterative calculations
utilize What If analysis tools (including Goal Seek)
utilize the Scenario Manager
use financial functions

Create advanced chart elements
Add trendlines to charts
create dual axis charts
create custom chart templates
view chart animations

Create and manage PivotTables
Create new PivotTables
modify field selections and options
create a slicer
group records
utilize calculated fields
format data
utilize PowerPivot
manage relationships
manipulate options in existing PivotCharts
apply styles to PivotCharts

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