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Saturday Session: Excel 2010/2013 Level 3 Course Outline

 (1 day)
Version 2010/2013

After Hours / Saturday Event

Please note that this one-day course is scheduled to run on Saturdays.

Please look at the schedule listed on the right of this page to choose the date that works best for you.

Although this class will be taught using Microsoft Excel 2013 and ONLC's "Excel 2013 Advanced" manual, this class is relevant for individuals using either the 2010 or 2013 versions of the software.

The instructor will note where there are differences in features and functions between the two versions. For the most part, those differences will be minor related to the topics taught in this class.

These classes contain the same content that is delivered in our weekday events. Our training facilities are closed after-hours. As a result, you must attend these events from your home or office.

NOTE: Excel classes are also offered during the week (Mon-Fri). For that schedule see:
Excel Classes

Excel 2013 Intermediate or equivalent skills. Must be able to work
with multiple worksheets, use named ranges, and work with functions.

Working with Advanced Functions
Working with Functions
Using the IF Function
Nesting Functions
Using Multiple Conditions with the IF Function
Using Table Lookup Functions (HLookup and VLookup)
Using Text Functions

Analyzing Data
Using Automatic Outlining
Consolidating Information by Position or Category
Inserting Subtotals
Creating an Advanced Filter
Using Database Functions

Working with Data
Importing Data from a Text File
Exporting Data
Converting Text to Columns
Using Flash Fill
Connecting to Data in an Access Database
Creating a Web Query
Importing Web Data using a Saved Query
Working with Hypertext Links

Creating and Working with PivotTables
Understanding PivotTables
Working with Recommended PivotTables
Creating a PivotTable using Worksheet Data
Creating a PivotTable using an External Data Connections
Laying out a PivotTable on a Worksheet
Modifying PivotTable Fields
Using a Report Filter
Refreshing a PivotTable
Formatting a PivotTable

Enhancing PivotTables
Working with Summary Functions
Sorting Items in a PivotTable
Creating a Slicer
Grouping Data
Using a Timeline
Applying Label and Value Filters
Creating a Calculated Field
Creating a Calculated Item
Creating Charts from PivotTables

Working with Macros
Recording a Macro
Saving a Macro-Enabled Workbook
Executing a Macro
Creating a Macro Button
Working with Macro Buttons

Working with Data Analysis Tools
Creating Scenarios
Working with Scenarios
Using Goal Seek
Using One-Input Data Tables
Using Two-Input Data Tables
Understanding Solver
Defining a Problem
Solving a Problem
Generating a Report of Results and Alternate Solutions

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