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Symantec Data Center Security: Server Advanced 6.7 Admin Course Outline

 (3 days)
Version 6.7

Course Overview
The Symantec Data Center Security: Server Advanced 6.7 Administration course is an introduction to implementing and managing a Symantec Data Center Security: Server Advanced 6.7 deployment. The architecture and individual components of the SDCS:SA 6.7 solution are detailed and explained. Agent installation and configuration are taught along with deployment and management of SDCS:SA agents and policies across the
enterprise. The course also covers SDCS:SA Policy creation/modification in detail.

Delivery Method
Instructor-led training (ILT) and Virtual Academy

3 days

Course Objectives
By the completion of this course, you will be able to:
• Describe the major components of Symantec Data
Center Security: Server Advanced and how they
• Install the management server, consoles, and agent.
• Define, manage and create assets, policies, events
and configurations.
• Understand policy creation and editing in depth.

Who Should Attend
This course is for information technology professionals,
security professionals, network, system managers and
administrators who are charged with the installation,
configuration, and day-to-day management of Symantec Data
Center Security: Server Advanced.

You should have working knowledge of TCP/IP protocols and
communications concepts. You must have experience with the
Windows and UNIX operating systems in general. A basic
understanding of key security disciplines (firewalls, intrusion
detection/prevention, policy management, vulnerability
assessment, antivirus protection and so on) is required.

This course includes practical hands-on exercises that enable
you to test your new skills and begin to use those skills in a
working environment.


Lesson 1: Introduction to Security Risks and Risk
• Security Risks
• Security Risk Management
• Managing and Protecting Systems
• Corporate Security Policies and Security
• Host-Based Computer Security Issues

Lesson 2: SDCS:Server Advanced Overview
• SDCS: Server Advanced Component Overview
• How Does SDCS:SA Work?
• Policy Types and Platforms
• Management Console Overview
• Agent User Interface Overview

Lesson 3: Installation and Deployment
• Planning the Installation
• Deployment Planning
• Server Installation
• Installing the Server Management Console
• Installing a Windows Agent
• Installing a Unix Agent

Lesson 4: Configuring Agents
• Assets Defined
• Agent Architecture
• Viewing Agents and Assets
• Managing Agents
• Managing Agents on Assets by Command Line

Lesson 5: Policy Overview
• Policies Defined
• Prevention Policy Overview
• Detection Policy Overview
• Policy Workspace
• Implementing Policies with SDCS:SA
• SDCS:SA Use Cases

Lesson 6: Windows Prevention Policies
• Windows Prevention Policy Structure Overview
• Editing a Windows Prevention Policy—Basic
• Advanced Policy Settings: Global Policy Options
• Advanced Policy Settings: Sandboxes
• Resource Lists

Lesson 7: UNIX and Legacy Prevention Policies
• Global Policy Options
• Daemon and Service Options
• Interactive Program Options
• Resource Lists
• Sandbox Options
• Profile Lists
• Predefined Policies

Lesson 8: Advanced Prevention
• Profile Applications
• Customize Predefined Prevention Policies
• Custom Sandbox
• Prepare for Policy Deployment
• Create New Policies

Lesson 9: Detection Policies
• Detection Policy Details
• Predefined Detection Policies

Lesson 10: Event Management
• Defining Events
• Viewing Events
• Event Handling Best Practices
• Creating Alerts

Lesson 11: Agent Management and Troubleshooting
• Configurations Defined
• Creating and Editing Configurations
• Analyzing Event Log Files
• Agent Logs
• Diagnostic Policies
• Local Agent Tools

Lesson 12: System Management
• Database Management
• Managing Users and Roles
• Server Management
• Server Logs
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