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WordPress Theme and Plugin Development Course Outline

 (2 days)

This course is designed to give you the ability to create a basic theme and plugin from scratch. You will also be able to modify your theme or plugin using PHP, CSS and HTML best techniques. Before this course you should have a basic understanding of web programming and WordPress.

Basic Understanding of Web Programming (HTML, CSS or PHP).
Basic Understanding of WordPress Dashboard.

WordPress Introduction (ONLC Course IWPI4X) – Can be used as a prerequisite for this course
WordPress SEO (ONLC Course IWPS4X) – Extends the Optional Module 2, Section 2 SEO Plugin
WordPress E-Commerce with Woocommerce (ONLC Course IWPE4X) – Extends the Optional Module 2 Section 6 E-commerce Plugin

Course Outline

Module 1: Developing with WordPress
Section 1: Installing and Configuring WordPress
Section 2: Understanding WordPress and FTP Software
Section 3: Understanding WordPress and Development Applications
Section 4: Understanding WordPress Codex

Module 2: Theme Anatomy and Programming in WordPress
Section 1: Understanding Theme File and Folder Structure
Section 2: Understanding PHP Template Tags, Values and Parameters
Section 3: Understanding CSS Classes and ID’s
Section 4: Understanding HTML Tags, Attributes and Values
Section 5: Understanding WordPress Shortcodes

Module 3: Developing Required and Optional Theme Pages
Section 1: Understanding the Required and Recommended Optional Page Templates
Section 2: Developing the header.php Header Template
Section 3: Developing the functions.php File
Section 4: Developing the sidebar.php Sidebar Template
Section 5: Developing the footer.php Footer Template
Section 6: Developing the style.css Required Stylesheet
Section 7: Developing the index.php Required Theme Template

Module 4: Developing a Child Theme
Section 1: Understanding the Requirements for a Child Theme
Section 2: Developing the style.css Required Stylesheet
Section 3: Understanding Compiled CSS Stylesheets
Section 4: Replacing Parent Template Files with Child Theme Template Files

Module 5: Developing Optional Page Templates
Section 1: Developing a Full Width Page Template
Section 2: Developing a Left and Right Sidebar Page Template
Section 3: Using DIV HTML Tags in Page Templates
Section 4: Adding Theme Support for Built-In Features

Module 6: Plugin Development
Section 1: Understanding Plugin Structure
Section 2: Developing a One File Plugin
Section 3: Developing a Multi File Plugin
Section 4: Developing a Shortcode Widget
Section 5: Developing an Advanced Plugin

Optional Module 1: Understanding WordPress Framework
Section 1: Understanding Theme Framework
Section 2: Reviewing Popular Theme Framework
Section 3: Installing Gantry 5 Framework and Skeleton Themes
Section 4: Developing with YAML Files

Optional Module 2: Recommended WordPress Plugins
Section 1: Installing and Configuring a Backup Plugin
Section 2: Installing and Configuring an SEO Plugin
Section 3: Installing and Configuring a Media Plugin
Section 4: Installing and Configuring a Forms Plugin
Section 5: Installing and Configuring a Rank Reporting Plugin
Section 6: Installing and Configuring an E-commerce Plugin

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