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Symantec Data Loss Prevention 14.0: Administration Course Outline

 (5 days)

Course Description
This course is designed to provide you with the fundamental knowledge to configure and administer the Symantec Data Loss Prevention Enforce platform. The hands-on labs include exercises for configuring Enforce server, detection servers, and DLP Agents as well as reporting, workflow, incident response management, policy management and detection, response management, user and role administration, directory integration, and filtering. Additionally, you are introduced to deployment best practices and the following Symantec Data Loss Prevention products: Network Monitor, Mobile Email Monitor, Mobile Prevent, Network Prevent, Network Discover, Network Protect, Endpoint Prevent, and Endpoint Discover. Note that this course is delivered on a Microsoft Windows platform.

Course Objectives
By the end of this course, you will be able to configure and use Symantec Data Loss Prevention 14.0.

Who Should Attend
This course is intended for anyone responsible for configuring, maintaining, and troubleshooting Symantec Data Loss Prevention. Additionally, this course is intended for technical users responsible for creating and maintaining Symantec Data Loss Prevent ion policies and
the incident response structure.

You must have a working knowledge of Windows server class operating systems and commands, as well as networking and network security concepts.

Course Outline

Introduction to Symantec Data Loss Prevention
Symantec Data Loss Prevention overview
Symantec Data Loss Prevention architecture

Navigation and Reporting
Navigating the user interface
Reporting and analysis
Report navigation, preferences, and features
Report filters
Report commands
Incident snapshot

Incident Remediation and Workflow
Incident remediation and workflow
Managing users and at tributes
Custom attribute lookup

Policy Management
Policy overview
Creating policy groups
Using policy templates
Building policies
Policy development best practices

Response Rule Management
Response rule overview
Creating Automated Response rules
Creating Smart Response rules
Response rule best practices

Described Content Matching
DCM detection methods
Use cases
Using DCM in policies

Exact Data Matching and Directory Group Matching
Exact data matching (EDM)
Directory group matching (DGM)
Advanced EDM

Indexed Document Matching
Indexed document matching ( IDM)
Using IDM in policies

Vector Machine Learning
Vector Machine Learning (VML)
Creating a VML profile

Mobile Email Monitor and Network Monitor
Review of Network Monitor
Traffic filtering
Mobile Email Monitor
Network Monitor best practices

Introduction to Network Prevent
Network Prevent overview
Introduction to Network Prevent (Email)
Introduction to Network Prevent (Web)

Introduction to Mobile Prevent
Installation and configuration
MDM configuration and integration
VPN configuration
Policy and response rule configuration
Reporting and remediation
Logging and troubleshooting

Introduction to Network Discover and Network Protect
Network Discover and Network Protect overview
Configuring Discover targets
Protecting data
FlexResponse platform
Running and managing scans
Content Root Enumeration (CRE)
Closing the remediation loop (CRL)
Reports and remediation
Network Discover and Network Protect best practices

Introduction to Endpoint Prevent
Endpoint Prevent overview
Configuring Endpoint Prevent
Detection capabilities at the Endpoint
Creating Endpoint response rules
Capturing Endpoint Prevent incidents and viewing them in reports
Endpoint Prevent best practices

Managing DLP Agents
Managing agents

Introduction to Endpoint Discover
Endpoint Discover overview
Creating and running Endpoint Discover targets
Using Endpoint Discover reports and reporting features

Enterprise Enablement
Preparing for risk reduction
Risk reduction
DLP Maturity model

System Administration
Server administration
Language support
Credential management
Diagnostic tools
Troubleshooting scenario
Getting support
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