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Adobe On-Demand: Adobe Illustrator CS6 Course Outline

 (4 days)

*** Note: This is an On-Demand Self Study Class, 4-days of content, 6-months unlimited access, $595 ***
You can take this class at any time; there are no set dates. It covers equivalent content to the 4-days of instructor-led classes Adobe Illustrator CS6: Introduction and Adobe Illustrator CS6: Advanced. The cost for this Adobe On-Demand class is $595. Customers must call us directly to purchase this class at 800-288-8221.

Adobe On-Demand Learner Profiles
Adobe On-Demand is a self-study training solution that was designed for two types of learners. First, Adobe On-Demand is a great fit for experienced graphics or web professionals who don't need a traditional classes to upgrade their existing skills. They can pick and choose topics to make the most effective use of their time. Second, Adobe On-Demand is perfect for highly-motivated individuals who are new to Adobe products and need to space their learning over a period of weeks or months. These learners can take their time and repeat sections as needed until they master the new concepts.

About Adobe On-Demand
Our Adobe On-Demand classes are self-study courses with 30 to 40 hours of content. They include hours of videos, hands-on labs using the actual software, and knowledge checks and were created by Adobe and third-party educators to mirror the content found in the traditional live instructor-led versions of this course.

ONLC Extras
ONLC Training Centers bundles in valuable extras with our Adobe On-Demand Courses. These extras are not available from other training companies.

Adobe Official Workbook. Get the Adobe Official Training Workbook in both hard copy text and the web edition. The web edition contains online lessons with downloadable files for the projects. Also there are interactive quizes, videos, and updated material covering new feature releases from Adobe.

Expanded Tutorial Access. These are a series of project-based labs with online videos hosted by industry professionals. The tutorials take a real-world approach to learning and are an excellent complement to the feature-based learning provided in the Adobe Official Workbook. (6-Month Access.)

24/7 Online Support. You will be able to chat online with a content matter expert while you are taking your Adobe On-Demand class. And, with your permission, the expert can even take over your computer to provide with assistance with your labs. (6-Month Access.)

ILT Participant Option. You've purchased Adobe On-Demand, have gone through the training and decided that you still want to see a live class. Just pay difference between Adobe On-Demand course and and the Instructor-Led Training (ILT) class and you can have a seat in our live class. Get both self-study and live, instructor-led training for the retail price of the instructor-led class alone! (Available for either the instructor-led Introduction or Advanced class. Only one class per participant.)

Do You Still Prefer a Live, Instructor-led Class?
Already know Adobe On-Demand training is not right for you? We also offer equivalent course content in a live, instructor-led format. For more details, click on the links below:
Adobe Illustrator CS6: Introduction and
Adobe Illustrator CS6: Advanced


This Adobe On-Demand class will cover equivalent content to the topics that are covered in the Adobe Illustrator CS6: Introduction and Advanced classes through the elearning web edition of the text.

*** What You Need to Take this Training ***
You will need the Adobe Illustrator software for either Windows or mac OS as well as the computer to run the software and a high-speed internet connection.

Basic computer and file management skills are required for these Adobe courses. Students should know how to - locate, copy and open files; create folders; arrange, re-size, minimize and maximize application windows; start and exit programs; manage use of multiple programs simultaneously; and switch between open programs.

Course Outline
You will be able to select all or some of the topics below from the Adobe Official Workbook, elearning web edition. In addition, you will have access to the expanded tutorials related to these topics.

A Quick Tour of Adobe Illustrator CS6
Lesson overview
Getting started
Working with multiple artboards
Creating shapes
Working with the Shape Builder tool
Working with drawing modes
Working with strokes
Working with color groups and recoloring artwork
Placing Adobe Photoshop images in Illustrator
Using Live Trace
Using Live Paint
Working with the Blob Brush tool
Working with type
Using the Appearance panel and effects
Working with brushes
Creating and editing a gradient
Working with symbols
Working with perspective

Getting to Know the Work Area
Lesson overview
Getting started
Understanding the workspace
Working with the Tools panel
The Control panel
Working with panels
Resetting and saving your workspace
Using panel menus
Changing the view of artwork
Using the view commands
Using the Zoom tool
Scrolling through a document
Viewing artwork
Navigating multiple artboards
Using the Navigator panel
Understanding rulers
Arranging multiple documents
Document groups
Finding resources for using Illustrator
Searching for a topic in the Search For Help box
Checking for updates

Selecting and Aligning
Lesson overview
Getting started
Selecting objects
Using the Selection tool
Using the Direct Selection tool
Creating selections with a marquee
Creating selections with the Magic Wand tool
Selecting similar objects
Aligning objects
Align objects to each other
Aligning to a key object
Aligning points
Distributing objects
Aligning to the artboard
Working with groups
Group items
Working in isolation mode
Adding to a group
Object arrangement
Arrange objects
Selecting objects behind
Hiding objects
Applying selection techniques

Creating and Editing Shapes
Lesson overview
Getting started
Creating a document with multiple artboards
Working with basic shapes
Accessing the basic shape tools
Understanding drawing modes
Creating rectangles
Creating rounded rectangles
Creating ellipses
Creating polygons
Draw Inside mode
Changing stroke width and alignment
Working with line segments
Joining paths
Creating Stars
Using the Eraser tool
Using the Width tool
Outlining strokes
Combining and editing shapes
Working with the Shape Builder tool
Working with Pathfinder effects
Working with shape modes
Using Live Trace to create shapes

Transforming Objects
Lesson overview
Getting started
Working with artboards
Adding artboards to the document
Editing artboards
Renaming Artboards
Reordering Artboards
Transforming content
Working with rulers and guides
Scaling objects
Reflecting objects
Rotating objects
Distorting objects
Shearing objects
Positioning objects precisely
Changing the perspective
Multiple transformations
Using the Free Distort effect
Exploring on your own

Drawing with the Pen and Pencil Tools
Lesson overview
Getting started
Creating straight lines
Creating curved paths
Building a curve
Converting curved points to corner points
Creating the violin illustration
Drawing curves
Selecting a curve
Drawing a curved shape
Drawing different kinds of curves
Drawing the violin shape
Creating the strings
Splitting a path
Adding arrowheads
Creating a dashed line
Editing curves
Deleting and adding anchor points
Convert between smooth points and corner points
Drawing with the Pencil tool
Editing with the Pencil tool
Finishing the violin illustration
Assembling the parts
Painting the artwork
Exploring on your own

Color and Painting
Lesson overview
Getting started
Understanding color
Color modes
Understanding the color controls
Creating color
Building and saving a custom color
Editing a swatch
Using Illustrator swatch libraries
Creating a spot color
Using the Color Picker
Creating and saving a tint of a color
Copying attributes
Creating color groups
Working with the Color Guide panel
Editing a color group
Editing colors in artwork
Working with the Kuler panel
Assigning colors to your artwork
Adjusting colors
Painting with patterns and gradients
Applying existing patterns
Creating your own pattern
Applying a pattern
Editing a pattern
Working with Live Paint
Creating a Live Paint group
Editing Live Paint regions
Working with Gap Options

Working with Type
Lesson overview
Getting started
Working with type
Creating point type
Creating area type
Importing a plain text file
Creating columns of text
Understanding text flow
Working with overfl ow text and text reflow
Threading text
Resizing type objects
Formatting type
Changing the font size
Changing the font color
Changing additional text attributes
Changing paragraph attributes
Saving and using styles
Creating and using a paragraph style
Creating and using a character style
Sampling text
Reshaping text with an envelope warp
Wrapping text around an object
Creating text on open paths
Creating text on closed paths
Creating text outlines

Working with Layers
Lesson overview
Getting started
Creating layers
Moving objects and layers
Locking layers
Viewing layers
Pasting layers
Creating clipping masks
Merging layers
Applying appearance attributes to layers
Isolating layers

Working with Perspective Drawing
Lesson overview
Getting started
Understanding perspective
Understanding the Perspective Grid
Working with the Perspective Grid
Using a preset grid
Editing the Perspective Grid
Drawing objects in perspective
Selecting and transforming objects in perspective
Attaching objects to perspective
Editing planes and objects together
Adding and editing text in perspective
Working with symbols in perspective
Adding Symbols to the Perspective Grid
Transforming Symbols in perspective
Release content from perspective
Using a fill color with brushes
Remove a brush stroke
Using Art brushes
Drawing with the Paintbrush tool
Editing paths with the Paintbrush tool
Create an Art brush
Edit an Art brush
Using Bristle brushes
Changing bristle brush options
Painting with a Bristle brush
Using Pattern brushes
Creating a Pattern brush
Applying a Pattern brush
Changing the color attributes of brushes
Changing a brush color using Tints colorization
Changing the brush color using Hue Shift colorization
Working with the Blob Brush tool
Drawing with the Blob Brush tool
Merging paths with the Blob Brush tool
Editing with the Eraser tool

Applying Effects
Lesson overview
Getting started
Using live effects
Applying an effect
Editing an effect
Styling text with effects
Editing shapes with a Pathfinder effect
Offsetting paths
Applying a Photoshop effect
Working with a 3D effect
Creating a revolved object
Changing the lighting of a 3D object
Mapping a symbol to the 3D artwork

Applying Appearance Attributes and Graphic Styles
Lesson overview
Getting started
Using appearance attributes
Editing and adding appearance attributes
Reordering appearance attributes
Adding an additional stroke and fill
Using graphic styles
Creating and saving a graphic style
Applying a graphic style to an object
Applying a graphic style to a layer
Applying existing graphic styles
Adding to an existing graphic style
Applying an appearance to a layer
Copying, applying, and removing graphic styles

Working with Symbols
Lesson overview
Getting started
Working with symbols
Using existing Illustrator symbol libraries
Creating symbols
Editing a symbol
Breaking a link to a symbol
Replacing symbols
Renaming symbols
Working with the symbolism tools
Spraying symbol instances
Editing symbols with the Symbolism tools
Copy and edit symbol sets
Storing and retrieving artwork in the Symbols panel
Mapping a symbol to 3D artwork
Symbols and Flash integration
Exploring on your own

Adobe Applications
Lesson overview
Getting started
Working with Adobe Bridge
Combining artwork
Vector versus bitmap graphics
Placing Adobe Photoshop files
Placing a Photoshop file
Duplicating and editing a placed image
Embed a Photoshop image with Layer comps
Applying color edits to a placed image
Masking an image
Applying a clipping mask to an image
Editing a mask
Masking an object with multiple shapes
Release a mask
Creating an opacity mask
Sampling colors in placed images
Replacing a placed, linked image
Exporting a layered file to Photoshop
Illustrator and Adobe InDesign
Illustrator and Adobe Flash
Illustrator and Adobe Flash Catalyst
Illustrator and Adobe Flex
Exploring on your own

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