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Adobe On-Demand: Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Course Outline

 (4 days)

*** Note: This is an On-Demand Self Study Class, 4-days of content, 6-months unlimited access, $595 ***
You can take this class at any time; there are no set dates. It covers equivalent content to the 4-days of instructor-led classes Adobe Dreamweaver CS6: Introduction and Adobe Dreamweaver CS6: Advanced. The cost for this Adobe On-Demand class is $595. Customers must call us directly to purchase this class at 800-288-8221.

Adobe On-Demand Learner Profiles
Adobe On-Demand is a self-study training solution that was designed for two types of learners. First, Adobe On-Demand is a great fit for experienced graphics or web professionals who don't need a traditional classes to upgrade their existing skills. They can pick and choose topics to make the most effective use of their time. Second, Adobe On-Demand is perfect for highly-motivated individuals who are new to Adobe products and need to space their learning over a period of weeks or months. These learners can take their time and repeat sections as needed until they master the new concepts.

About Adobe On-Demand
Our Adobe On-Demand classes are self-study courses with 30 to 40 hours of content. They include hours of videos, hands-on labs using the actual software, and knowledge checks and were created by Adobe and third-party educators to mirror the content found in the traditional live instructor-led versions of this course.

ONLC Extras
ONLC Training Centers bundles in valuable extras with our Adobe On-Demand Courses. These extras are not available from other training companies.

Adobe Official Workbook. Get the Adobe Official Training Workbook in both hard copy text and the web edition. The web edition contains online lessons with downloadable files for the projects. Also there are interactive quizes, videos, and updated material covering new feature releases from Adobe.

Expanded Tutorial Access. These are a series of project-based labs with online videos hosted by industry professionals. The tutorials take a real-world approach to learning and are an excellent complement to the feature-based learning provided in the Adobe Official Workbook. (6-Month Access.)

24/7 Online Support. You will be able to chat online with a content matter expert while you are taking your Adobe On-Demand class. And, with your permission, the expert can even take over your computer to provide with assistance with your labs. (6-Month Access.)

ILT Participant Option. You've purchased Adobe On-Demand, have gone through the training and decided that you still want to see a live class. Just pay difference between Adobe On-Demand course and and the Instructor-Led Training (ILT) class and you can have a seat in our live class. Get both self-study and live, instructor-led training for the retail price of the instructor-led class alone! (Available for either the instructor-led Introduction or Advanced class. Only one class per participant.)

Do You Still Prefer a Live, Instructor-led Class?
Already know Adobe On-Demand training is not right for you? We also offer equivalent course content in a live, instructor-led format. For more details, click on the links below:
Adobe Dreamweaver CS6: Introduction and
Adobe Dreamweaver CS6: Advanced


This Adobe On-Demand class will cover equivalent content to the topics that are covered in the Adobe Dreamweaver CS6: Introduction and Advanced classes through the elearning web edition of the text.

*** What You Need to Take this Training ***
You will need the Adobe Dreamweaver software for either Windows or mac OS as well as the computer to run the software and a high-speed internet connection.

Basic computer and file management skills are required for these Adobe courses. Students should know how to - locate, copy and open files; create folders; arrange, re-size, minimize and maximize application windows; start and exit programs; manage use of multiple programs simultaneously; and switch between open programs.

Course Outline
You will be able to select all or some of the topics below from the Adobe Official Workbook, elearning web edition. In addition, you will have access to the expanded tutorials related to these topics.

Customizing Your Workspace
Touring the workspace
Switching and splitting views
Working with
Selecting a workspace layout
Adjusting toolbars
Personalizing preferences
Creating custom keyboard shortcuts
Using the Property inspector

HTML Basics
Lesson overview
What is HTML?
Where did HTML begin?
Writing your own HTML code
Frequently used HTML 4 codes
Introducing HTML5

CSS Basics
Lesson overview
What is CSS?
HTML vs. CSS formatting
CSS box model
Formatting objects
Multiples, classes, and IDs, oh my!
CSS3 overview and support

Creating a Page Layout
Lesson overview
Web design basics
Working with thumbnails and wireframes
Defining a Dreamweaver site
Using the Welcome screen
Previewing your completed file
Modifying an existing CSS layout
Adding a background image to the header
Inserting new components
Changing element alignment
Modifying the page width and background color
Modifying existing content and formatting
Inserting an image placeholder
Inserting placeholder text
Modifying the footer
Checking browser compatibility

Working with Cascading Style Sheets
Lesson overview
Previewing the completed file
Working with the CSS Styles panel
Working with type
Using images for graphical effects
Creating new CSS rules
Creating an interactive menu
Modifying hyperlink behavior
Creating faux columns
Moving rules to an external style sheet
Creating style sheets for other media

Working with Templates
Lesson overview
Previewing completed files
Creating a template from an existing layout
Inserting editable regions
Producing child pages
Updating a template
Using library items
Using server-side includes

Working with Texts, Lists, and Tables
Lesson overview
Previewing the completed file
Creating and styling text
Creating and styling tables
Spell checking webpages
Finding and replacing text

Working with images
Lesson overview
Reviewing web image basics
Previewing the completed file
Inserting an
Adjusting image positions with CSS classes
Working with the Insert panel
Using Adobe Bridge to insert
Inserting non-web file types
Working with Photoshop Smart Objects
Copying and pasting images from Photoshop and FIreworks
Inserting images by drag and drop
Optimizing images with the Property inspector

Working with Navigation
Lesson overview
Hyperlink basics
Previewing the completed file
Creating internal hyperlinks
Creating an image-based link
Creating an external link
Setting up email
Targeting page elements
Inserting Spry menu bars
Checking your page

Adding Interactivity
Lesson overview
Learning about Dreamweaver behaviors
Previewing the completed file
Working with Dreamweaver behaviors
Working with Spry Accordion widgets

Working with Web Animation and Video
Lesson overview
Understanding web animation and video
Previewing the completed file
Adding web animation to a
Adding web video to a page

Working with Forms
Lesson overview
Previewing the completed file
Learning about forms
Adding a form to a page
Inserting text form elements
Inserting checkboxes
Creating radio buttons
Incorporating text areas
Working with
Adding a Submit button
Specifying a form action
Emailing form data
Styling forms

Working with Online Data
Lesson overview
Working with dynamic content
Previewing the completed file
Using HTML and XML data
Choosing a server model
Configuring a local web server
Setting up a testing server
Building database applications

Building Dynamic Pages with Data
Lesson overview
Building pages with PHP
Creating a master/detail page set
Creating a detail page.

Publishing to the Web
Lesson overview
Defining a remote site
Cloaking folders and files
Wrapping things up
Putting your site online
Synchronizing local and remote sites

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