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Microsoft On-Demand: Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure (DP-300)


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Microsoft On-Demand: Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure (DP-300) Course Outline

Scheduled release date: Q2 2023

*** Note: This is a Microsoft On-Demand (self -study) course, 180-day 24/7 access via the internet ***
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About This Course
We have assembled a complete package of self-study materials that cover all of the topics that are included in Microsoft's 3-day, official Instructor-led course. With these resources, you have a flexible platform that allows you to gain the knowledge you need for your job. If you also want certification, see the additional Exam Pak option--you can purchase that for $250, a 50% discount.

Audience profile
The audience for this course is data professionals managing data and databases who want to learn about administering the data platform technologies that are available on Microsoft Azure. This course is also valuable for data architects and application developers who need to understand what technologies are available for the data platform with Azure and how to work with those technologies through applications.

Your course includes:

Microsoft Official E-Learning
We will be your guide through the official Microsoft Learn content directing you through this training platform which provides interactive learning modules with reading, hands-on experiences, knowledge checks and short videos.

Additional Expert Videos
Our subject matter experts provide an additional path through the Microsoft course objectives. We've assembled hours of video instruction where you can follow-along and learn from our experts.

Auditing Instructor-Led Training
With ONLC's Microsoft On-Demand training, you can also "Audit" a full instructor-led class. This gives you another perspective on how the content is presented (You must contact our office to reserve a seat in an upcoming class). Note: Auditors will be able to see and hear the instructor’s presentation, however the instructor will not be able to hear you and you will not have direct access to the live instructor or lab machines.

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Microsoft Exam Reference Guide
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DP-300: Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure

Special Note Regarding This Outline
On-Demand content is presented from multiple sources. As a result, the content and/or sequencing may vary from each source.

Course Outline

Module 1: The Role of the Azure Database Administrator
Azure Data Platform Roles
Azure Database Platforms and Options
SQL Server Compatibility Levels
Azure Preview Features
Provision a SQL Server on an Azure Virtual Machine
Connect to SQL Server and Restore a Backup

Module 2: Plan and Implement Data Platform Resources
Deploying SQL Server using IaaS
Deploying SQL Server using PaaS
Deploying Open Source Database Solutions on Azure
Deploy a VM using an ARM template
Configure resources needed prior to creating a database
Deploy an Azure SQL Database
Register the Azure SQL Database instance in Azure Data Studio and validate connectivity
Deploy PostgreSQL or MySQL using a client tool to validate connectivity

Module 3: Implement a Secure Environment
Configure Database Authentication
Configure Database Authorization
Implement Security for Data at Rest
Implement Security for Data in Transit
Implement Compliance Controls for Sensitive Data
Configure a server-based firewall rule using the Azure Portal
Authorize Access to Azure SQL Database with Azure Active Directory
Enable Advanced Data Security and Data Classification
Manage access to database objects

Module 4: Monitor and Optimize Operational Resources
Baselines and Performance Monitoring
Major Causes of Performance Issues
Configuring Resources for Optimal Performance
User Database Configuration
Performance-related Maintenance Tasks
Isolate CPU Problems
Use Query Store observe blocking problems
Detect and correct fragmentation issues

Module 5: Optimize Query Performance
Understanding SQL Server Query Plans
Explore Performance-based Database Design
Evaluate Performance Improvements
Identify issues with database design AdventureWorks2017
Isolate problem areas in poorly performing queries in AdventureWorks2017
Use Query Store to detect and handle regression in AdventureWorks2017
Use query hints to impact performance in AdventureWorks2017

Module 6: Automation of Tasks
Setting up Automatic Deployment
Defining Scheduled Tasks
Configuring Extended Events
Managing Azure PaaS resources Using Automated Methods
Deploy an Azure template from a Quickstart template on GitHub
Configure notifications based on performance metrics
Deploy an Azure Automation Runbook (or elastic job) to rebuild indexes on an Azure SQL Database

Module 7: Plan and Implement a High Availability and Disaster Recovery Environment
High Availability and Disaster Recovery Strategies
IaaS Platform and Database Tools for HADR
PaaS Platform and Database Tools for HADR
Database Backup and Recovery
Create an Always On Availability Group
Enable Geo-Replication for Azure SQL Database
Backup to URL and Restore from URL
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