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Cisco® On-Demand: Cisco® Certified Network Associate (200-301 CCNA)

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Cisco® On-Demand: Cisco® Certified Network Associate (200-301 CCNA) Course Outline

** 6 MONTHS UNLIMITED ACCESS with this On-Demand self-study course **
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You may take this course at any time and from any device, provided you have internet access.

About This Course
The Online On-Demand training course includes expert lectures, PowerPoint visuals, demonstrations & labs. You will be able to follow along and successfully complete the course by completing the quizzes and exams. A printed study guide is included as a supplement to the course.

Course Overview
This course will prepare students to take the CCNA 200-301 exam. Topics covered include networking fundamentals, basic ethernet LAN implementation, designing ethernet LANs, understanding IPv4, implementing IPv4, IPv4 design and troubleshooting, IPv4 services, configuring IPv4 routing protocols, implementing IPv6, and wireless LANs.

The course includes access to a web-based practice exam and an exam voucher.

You have 24/7 access to this course for a period of 6 months. As a traditional course it takes 3 days to complete and includes 11h 39m of video presentation.

Course Outline

Chapter 01 - Networking Fundamentals
Topic A: Introduction to TCP/IP Networking
Topic B: Ethernet LAN
Topic C: Wide Area Networks
Topic D: IPv4 Addressing and Routing Fundamentals
Topic E: TCP/IP Transport and Applications

Chapter 2 - Basic Ethernet LAN Implementation
Topic A: Command Line Essentials
Topic B: Ethernet LAN Switching
Topic C: Managing Ethernet Switches
Topic D: Configuring Switch Interfaces

Chapter 3 - Designing Ethernet LANs
Topic A: Understanding LAN Design Options
Topic B: Implementing and Configuring Ethernet VLANs
Topic C: Understanding Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
Topic D: Implementing STP

Chapter 4 - Understanding IPv4
Topic A: IPv4 Subnetting
Topic B: Analyzing Classful IPv4 Networks
Topic C: Analyzing Subnet Masks
Topic D: Analyzing Existing Subnets

Chapter 5 - Implementing IPv4
Topic A: Working with Cisco Routers
Topic B: Configuring IPv4 Addresses and Static Routes
Topic C: Using Dynamic Routing Protocols
Topic D: Configuring IPv4 Hosts
Chapter 6 - IPv4 Design and Troubleshooting
Topic A: Designing IP Subnets
Topic B: Using VLSM
Topic C: Troubleshooting IPv4

Chapter 7 - IPv4 Services
Topic A: Access Control Lists
Topic B: Network Address Translation

Chapter 8 - Configuring IPv4 Routing Protocols
Topic A: Understanding OSPF
Topic B: Implementing OSPF

Chapter 9 - Implementing IPv6
Topic A: IPv6 Fundamentals
Topic B: IPv6 Addressing and Subnetting
Topic C: Implementing IPv6

Chapter 10 - Wireless LANs
Topic A: Wireless Network Fundamentals
Topic B: Cisco Wireless Architectures
Topic C: Securing Wireless Networks
Topic D: Building a Wireless LAN

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