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Forensic Investigator Comprehensive (Fundamentals & Intermediate) Course Outline

 (2 days)
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About This Course
The Online On-Demand training courses includes expert lectures, PowerPoint visuals & demonstrations. The fundamentals course introduces students to the fundamentals of forensic investigation including forensics basics, the investigation process, hard disks and file systems and data acquisition and anti-forensics. The intermediate course continues teaching students about being a forensic investigator. Topics covered include data and forensics, malware and analysis, database forensics, and network and email forensics. Note: This course is not a certification course and does not include books.

This course takes 2 days to complete and includes 9h 04m of video presentation.

Course Outline

Forensic Investigator Fundamentals

Chapter 01 - Computer Forensics Basics
Topic A: Forensics Introduction
Topic B: Evidence
Topic C: Forensic Readiness

Chapter 02 - The Investigation Process
Topic A: Before the Investigation
Topic B: During the Investigation
Topic C: After the Investigation

Chapter 03 - Hard Disks and File Systems
Topic A: Hard Disks
Topic B: File Systems
Topic C: Booting

Chapter 04 - Data Acquisition and Anti-Forensics
Topic A: Data Acquisition
Topic B: Live Acquisition
Topic C: Static Acquisition
Topic D: Anti-Forensics
Topic E: Techniques
Topic F: Countermeasures

Forensic Investigator Intermediate

Chapter 01 - Data and Forensics
Topic A: Windows Volatile Data
Topic B: Windows Non-Volatile Data
Topic C: Linux Forensics
Topic D: Mac Forensics

Chapter 02 - Malware and Analysis
Topic A: Malware
Topic B: Static Analysis
Topic C: Dynamic Analysis

Chapter 03 - Database Forensics
Topic A: Database Forensics
Topic B: Oracle
Topic C: MySQL
Topic D: Microsoft SQL Server

Chapter 04 - Network and Email Forensics
Topic A: Network Review
Topic B: Network Forensics
Topic C: Firewall Analysis
Topic D: IDS Analysis
Topic E: Router Analysis
Topic F: Live Analysis
Topic G: Email Review
Topic H: Email Crimes
Topic I: Email Analysis

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