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MPP On-Demand: Introduction to R for Data Science Course Outline

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*** Note: This is an On-Demand Self Study Class ***
You can take this class at any time; there are no set dates. It features hands-on labs so you can practice new skills at your workstation. Other parts of the course include video lectures that you can view on-the-go from your phone or tablet. In all cases, customers must call us directly to register this class at 800-288-8221.

MPP On-Demand Series
This course is part of the Microsoft Professional Program Series, MPP: Data Science Track. It can be taken individually or as part of the 9-course series, plus a capstone project. You will need to purchase a validated certificate to get credit for this class as part of the MPP. Request the certificate at time of registration.

On-Demand Learner Profiles
MPP On-Demand is a self-study training solution that was designed for two types of learners. First, MPP On-Demand is a great fit for experienced IT professionals who don't need traditional 5-day classes to upgrade their existing skills. They can pick and choose topics to make the most effective use of their time. Second, MPP On-Demand is perfect for highly-motivated individuals who are new to a technology and need to space their learning over a period of weeks or months. These learners can take their time and repeat sections as needed until they master the new concepts.

Verified Certificate Included!
If you plan to use your course for job applications, promotions, or school applications, an MPP certificate will help you get recognized. The certificate is verifiable and is included in all MPP purchases. Itís also a great way to give yourself an incentive to complete the course and celebrate your success. For more information regarding Verified Certificates, go to
MPP Verified Certificates

Learn the R statistical programming language, the tool of choice for data science professionals. Discover its basic syntax, starting with variables and basic operations, and then learn how to handle data structures, such as vectors, matrices, data frames, and lists.

This Microsoft authorized class is an online elearning course that should take between 8 to 12 hours of effort, depending on your background.

Course Outline

R: The true basics
Lab: R: The true basics
Basic Data Types
Lab: Basic Data Types
Further Readings

Create and name vectors
Lab: Create and name vectors
Vector Arithmetic
Lab: Vector Arithmetic
Vector Subsetting
Lab: Vector Subsetting

Create and name matrices
Lab: Create and name matrices
Matrix subsetting
Lab: Matrix subsetting
Matrix Arithmetic
Lab: Matrix Arithmetic

Lab: Factors

Create and name lists
Lab: Create and name lists
Subset and extend lists
Lab: Subset and extend lists

Data frames
Explore the data frame
Lab: Explore the data frame
Subset, extend and sort your data frame
Lab: Subset, extend and sort your data frame

Basic graphics
Lab: Basic graphics
Customizing your plots
Lab: Customizing your plots
Multiple plots
Lab: Multiple plots

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