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G200: Implementing Citrix Access Gateway 9.0 Enterprise Edition Course Outline

 (2 days)
Version 9.0

Special Multi-product Class Option!
The content of this course is also included as part of the Citrix CMB-201-1I class, Implementing Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition Components. You can take either class in preparation for certification or for job role training. The CMB-201-1I class is not a boot camp or accelerated class. However, the CMB-201 class does have a more efficient delivery of the content that is contained in Citrix WANScaler 4.3 and Citrix Branch Repeater: Administration (CTX-1741-AI), Implementing Citrix Access Gateway 9.0 Enterprise Edition (CAG-200-1I), Implementing Citrix EdgeSite 5.0 (CES-200-1I), and Citrix Password Manager 4.5: Administration (CTX-1327-AI), by covering the bulk of these 8 days of training in a 5 day format. The class is shortened by removing redundant modules and focusing on the most important sections of the content. To see the outline and schedule for the CMB-201-1I class,
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Course Overview
This course covers information administrators and other IT professionals need to successfully deploy and manage Access Gateway 9.0 Enterprise Edition and the Access Gateway Plug-ins. Designed to provide real-world experience, hands-on labs allow learners to configure an Access Gateway server and then connect to the server using the Configuration Utility.

This course is intended for IT professionals, system architects and system engineers.

Preparatory Recommendations
Before taking this course, Citrix recommends that learners possess the following knowledge/experience:
Basic knowledge of application and network protocols, devices and commonly used tools (such as IP, HTTP and DNS)
Basic knowledge of network management and auditing protocols (such as SNMP and Syslog)
Working knowledge of basic routing and layer 2 switching concepts
Working knowledge of commonly used network appliances (such as load balancers, firewalls, routers and switches)
Practical experience with troubleshooting tools (such as protocol analyzers Ethereal/WireShark and NetMon)
Knowledge of AAA (authentication, authorization and accounting) protocols (such as LDAP or RADIUS)
Basic knowledge of command line interfaces
Basic knowledge of VPN concepts
Knowledge of desktop operating systems and desktop security concepts (such as antivirus software and personal firewalls)

Key Skills
Upon successful completion of this course, learners are able to demonstrate the following objectives:
Understand how the Access Gateway Enterprise Edition differs from the Standard and Advanced Editions.
Perform the initial configuration of the Access Gateway server.
Install Access Gateway Plug-ins for Windows, ActiveX and Java.
Configure VPN virtual servers.
Create policies to customize VPN behavior.
Customize client experience and login pages.
Configure Access Gateway to integrate with XenApp and WANScaler.
Create and configure policies and profiles.

Instructional Method
This course is an instructor-led training course with classroom discussion, demonstrations and the practical application of concepts through hands-on exercises.

Certification Information
This course prepares learners for Exam A13 Implementing Citrix Access Gateway 9.0 Enterprise Edition, the requirement for the CCA for Citrix Access Gateway 9 Enterprise Edition.

Course Length
2 days

Topic Outline

Deploying the Citrix Access Gateway
o Access Gateway Features
o Access Gateway Product Line
o Identifying Access Gateway Hardware Platforms
o Identifying the Access Gateway Hardware Components
o Identifying Network Placement Options
o WANScaler Integration
o Identifying Deployment Considerations

Performing an Initial Installation and Configuration
o Access Gateway Installation
o Logging in to the Access Gateway
o Setting the Password
o Managing Licensing
o Enabling Access Gateway Features
o Initial Configuration
o Understanding Virtual Local Area Networks
o Running the Access Gateway Wizard
o Saving the Configuration

Performing Basic Administration
o Access Gateway Administrative Tools
o Introducing the Configuration Utility
o Introducing the Command-Line Interface
o Introducing FreeBSD
o Using Third-Party Tools
o Access Gateway Management
o Performing an Upgrade
o Managing Role-Based Administration

Configuring Policies
o Policy Structure
o Policy Types and Their Uses
o Policy Expressions
o Identifying Qualifiers
o Identifying Operators
o Identifying Operands, Wildcards and Context-Sensitive Fields
o Policy Priority
o Policy Manager
o Using Policy Manager
o Creating Policy Expressions

Configuring Access Policies
o Endpoint Analysis
o Configuring Pre-Authentication Policies
o Authentication Policies
o Configuring Authentication Policies
o Authorization Policies
o Configuring Authorization Policies
o Session Policies
o Configuring Credential Passing
o Timeout Settings
o Configuring Timeout Settings
o Client Cleanup
o Configuring Client Cleanup
o Split Tunneling
o Configuring Split Tunneling

Providing User Access
o Plugin Options and Configuration
o Displaying Client Options and the Configuration Window
o Connection Methods
o Deploying Access Gateway Plugins
o Configuring Clientless Access
o Client Software Selection
o Configuring Access Choices

Customizing the User Experience
o Intranet Applications
o Configuring Intranet Applications
o Intranet IP Addresses.
o Configuring Intranet IP Addresses
o Traffic Policies
o Configuring Traffic Policies
o TCP Compression Policies
o Configuring TCP Compression Policies
o Login Page Customization

Securing XenApp Connections
o XenApp Overview
o ICA Proxy Mode
o Configuring ICA Proxy Mode
o Binding the Secure Ticket Authority
o Configuring Web Interface Failover
o Web Interface Connections through Access Gateway
o Configuring Web Interface for Access Gateway Connections
o File Type Association
o Configuring File Type Association
o SmartAccess
o Configuring SmartAccess
o Configuring XenApp for SmartAccess
o Configuring Access Scenario Fallback

Auditing and Logging
o Syslog and Nslog Auditing
o Configuring Audit Servers
o Configuring Global Auditing Parameters
o Configuring Auditing Policies
o Binding Auditing Policies
o Viewing Recent Audit Messages
o Viewing Historical Audit Messages
o Access Gateway Log Management
o Monitoring Tool
o User Connection Management
o Historical Reporting

Configuring High Availability
o Introduction to High Availability
o High Availability Node Configuration
o Configuring Nodes
o Verifying High Availability Status
o Performing Synchronization
o Performing a Forced Failover
o High Availability Management
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