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Power Pivot in Excel Level 1 Course Outline

 (2 days)
Version 2013

PowerPivot is a add-in for Excel that greatly extends the pivot table. PowerPivot offers improved data summarization and cross-tabulation as well as expanded data capacity, and advanced calculations. As a result, PowerPivot falls under Microsoft's Business Intelligence offerings. This product brings the power of advanced analytics to the average Excel user.

Excel Versions
PowerPivot is an add-in program for Excel 2010 and Excel 2013. Its features are also integrated into Excel 2016. This course is taught using Excel 2013 software but the concepts are identical with Power Pivot implementations found in Excel 2010 and 2016 (or Office 365).

Target Student
This course is for individuals whose job responsibilities include complex Excel reports and advanced analytics.

Excel Introduction or equivalent skills. Previous experience with pivot tables is helpful but not required.

Lesson 1 Understanding Power Pivot
     What is Power Pivot
     Why use Power Pivot
     Excel versus Power Pivot
     Pivot Table Examples with Excel Data
     Power Pivot Examples with a Data Model

Lesson 2 Working with Data
     Working with an Excel List
     Using Vlookup to add Helper Columns
     Working with an Excel Table
     Cleaning up Tables
     Working with Normalized Tables

Lesson 3 Importing Data into Power Pivot
     Understanding Acceptable Data Types
     Adding Excel Tables to Power Pivot
     Importing Access Tables
     Saving the File
     Adding and Maintaining Data in Power Pivot

Lesson 4 Creating the Data Model
     What is a Data Model
     Understanding Key Fields
     Creating Relationships between Tables in the Model
     Managing Relationships
     Create and Use Linked Tables
     Create and Use Hierarchies

Lesson 5 Using Calculations in Power Pivot
     Types of Calculations in Power Pivot
     Creating a Calculated Column
     Creating a Calculated Field (Measures)
     Implicit Calculated Field
     Explicit Calculated Field
     Understanding DAX Measure Rules and Best Practices
     Choosing Between Calculated Columns and Measures
     Creating a Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

Lesson 6 - Using Data Analysis Expressions
     Understanding Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) Formulas
     Where to use DAX formulas
     Understanding the DAX syntax
     How to create DAX formulas
     Types of operations you can perform with DAX

Lesson 7 Working with DAX Formulas
     Working with Filter Function
     Working with Time Intelligence Functions
     Using Multiple Functions is a Formula
     Using Multiple Data Tables

Lesson 8 Data Analysis with Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
     Creating Pivot Tables
     Filtering Data using Slicers
     Add Visualizations to a Pivot Table
     Creating Pivot Charts
     Formatting Pivot Charts
     Using Multiple Charts and Tables

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