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- AT5997 Course Outline

Special Note to New Hampshire Residents
This course has not yet been approved by the New Hampshire Department of Education. Please contact us for an update on when the class will be available in New Hampshire.

The Altiris Deployment Solution 7.5: Administration course is designed for the professional tasked with installing, configuring, and managing a Deployment Solution system. This five-day, instructor-led, hands-on
course covers how Deployment Solution 7.5 simplifies the routine tasks of setting up new computers, migrating computers to a new operating system, and moving users to new operating systems or hardware. Students also
learn how to install, configure, and use Deployment Solution to perform these types of tasks remotely from an easy-to-use console, saving time for employees and money for their enterprise.

Course Objectives
By the end of this course, you will be able to:
• Install and configure Deployment Solution 7.5
• Use the Symantec Management Console to create and access jobs and tasks
• Configure Deployment Solution for Sysprep, NBS (PXE/BSDP), initial deployment and OS licenses
• Capture computer images
• Configure image deployments
• Manage “unknown” and predefined computers
• Perform disk wipes and create disk partitions
• Create Windows scripted OS installations
• Configure PC transplant
• Capture a computer personality, and deploy personality packages
• Perform a computer migration from XP to Win 7
• Remote control computers using pcAnywhere

• It is recommended that students attend Symantec Management Platform 7.1 Administration with Notification Server, or possess equivalent experience with the Symantec Management platform.
• Students should have a working knowledge of Windows 2008, Win 7 and XP; be familiar with network concepts, including LANs, network adapters, drivers, and network operating systems.

Who should attend
System administrators or anyone who will be installing, configuring, and managing a Deployment Solution system.


Deployment Solution Overview
• Becoming familiar with the software and services offered by Symantec
• Understanding the overall purpose and function of Deployment Solution

Installing Deployment Solution and pcAnywhere
• Installation prerequisites
• Installing Symantec Installation Manager
• Installing Deployment Solution
• Installing agents and plug-ins
• Upgrading Deployment Solution

Deployment Solution Console Fundamentals
• Console fundamentals
• Creating and managing Jobs and Tasks
• Monitoring Jobs and Tasks
• Searching for Jobs, Tasks and computers

Configuring Deployment Solution
• Adding configuration files and keys
• Symantec Network Boot Service
• Preboot configurations
• Configuring Network Boot Service (PXE/BSDP)
• Driver Database Management

Preparing a Computer for Imaging
• Including agents and plug-ins
• Installing software
• Installing software updates and service packs

Creating Images
• Imaging Tools and Types
• About Prepare for Image capture tasks
• Creating Images

PC Transplant with Deployment Solution
• PC Transplant overview
• Creating a PCT template file
• PC Transplant tasks
• Editing Personality Packages
• Building and editing A2i files

Deploying Images and Performing Computer Migrations
• Deploying computer images
• Unicast and multicast imaging
• Advanced options when deploying images
• Changing a computer’s system configuration
• Initial Deployment imaging
• Imaging predefined computers
• Disk preparations
• Performing scripted OS installations
• Jobs to migrate computers

Installing and Using Deployment Site Servers
• Understanding Sites and Site Servers
• Understanding and Installing Deployment Site Server Components
• Image Management

Advanced Features
• Using job conditions
• Custom Ghost Imaging and Ghost tools
• Editing image files
• Creating bootable media

Remote control with PCAnywhere Solution
• About pcAnywhere Solution
• Installing pcAnywhere Solution and plug-in
• Starting a pcAnywhere session
• Managing a pcAnywhere session
• Configuring pcAnywhere settings

Course details
• Course Number: AT5998
• Duration: 5 days
• Difficulty Level: Moderate
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