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- AT1240 Course Outline

Special Note to New Hampshire Residents
This course has not yet been approved by the New Hampshire Department of Education. Please contact us for an update on when the class will be available in New Hampshire.

Course Description
The Altiris Asset Management Suite 7.1 Administration course is designed for the asset management professional tasked with installing, configuring, administering, and using Asset Management Suite 7.1 to manage corporate assets in an ITIL-focused environment.

This course is for asset management administrators and any other asset management personnel who are involved in installing, configuring, managing, and administering Altiris Asset Management Suite 7.1.

Course Objectives
By the end of this course, you will be able to:
Install Asset Management Suite.
Populate the CMDB by using migration tools, network discovery, and imported data from a variety of sources.
Set up role-based security for the Asset Management Suite environment.
Build out your asset management organizational structure.
Make bulk changes to CMDB data; and add new resource types, resource association types, and data classes to the Asset Management Suite environment.
Use the asset management portals to manage assets, contracts, software licensing compliance, procurement processes, and barcoding features.
Configure and use IT Analytics to build custom asset management reports.
Install and run the asset management workflows.

Students must have attended the Symantec Management Platform 7.1: Administration course, or possess equivalent experience with Symantec Management Platform.
Students must have basic working knowledge of Microsoft Windows client and server operating systems, and network concepts, including LANs, network adapter cards, and drivers.

Course Outline

Product Overview
Symantec software and services and Asset Management Suite
Purpose of Asset Management Suite
Components of Asset Management Suite
Supporting components
The Asset Management Suite environment

Installing Asset Management Suite
System requirements
Demonstration: Installing Asset Management Suite

The Symantec Management Platform Resource Model
Understanding assets, configuration items and resources
Defining elements of the resource model
Exploring elements of the resource model
Advanced topic: Tables and views used in the resource model
Creating custom resource types, resource association types and data classes
Hands-On Labs: Categorizing asset types, configuration item types and resource types; exploring the characteristics of resource types, resource association types and data classes; exploring the resource type hierarchy; creating a custom data class; creating a custom resource type; creating a custom resource association type; executing SQL scripts to examine the resource model (optional)

Migrating, Discovering and Importing Assets
Migrating assets from SAMS 6.5 to AMS 7.1
Discovering and importing network assets
Hands-On Labs: Importing SAMS 6.5 assets using the migration wizard; migrating software license resources; importing from Microsoft Active Directory; discovering computers using Domain Membership/WINS

Security and Organizational Views and Groups
Security roles
Organizational Views and Groups
Hands-On Labs: Creating a security role; exploring the Create/Edit/Delete Resource Change History Filters privilege; exploring the RAD Create Global View privilege

Setting Up the Organizational Structure
Organizational types in Asset Management Suite
Creating locations
Creating cost centers
Creating departments
Configuring organizational settings
Performing organizational housekeeping tasks
Running Organizational Types reports
Hands-On Labs: Creating a location configuration item; creating a cost center configuration item; creating a department configuration item; configuring accounting periods, base currency and organizational hierarchy update settings; reviewing license usage and organizational types reports

Creating Assets
Preparing to create computer assets
Manually creating computer assets
Creating edit views
Creating other assets
Running asset reports
Hands-On Labs: Creating depreciation schedules; creating data entry default values for new computer resources and configuring ownership settings; creating an edit view used with computer resources and creating a computer resource; reviewing depreciation and asset reports

Importing Assets with CMDB Solution and Data Connector
About CMDB Solution and Data Connector
Creating data source definitions
Creating and scheduling data transfer rules
Creating CMDB rules
Hands-On Labs: Creating a CSV file data source; creating an LDAP data source; creating an ODBC data source; creating an OLEDB data source; creating a resource import rule; creating a run connector rule task; creating a filter import rule; creating an organizational group import rule; creating a CMDB rule

Maintaining Assets
Performing asset maintenance tasks
Performing asset end-of-life tasks
Hands-On Labs: Assigning computer's ownership and cleaning ownership; automatically merging duplicate computers; manually merging duplicate resources; performing an inventory to asset synchronization; updating network resource locations; retiring an asset

Working with Contracts
Contract management challenges
Preparing to create contract resources
Creating contract resources
Configuring the "Contracts expiring in the next N days" automation policies
Running contract reports
Hands-On Labs: Creating contracts; enabling the "Contract Expiring in the Next xx Days" automation policies; reviewing contract reports

Working with Software Licensing
The Asset Management Suite software license compliance model
Setting up software license management in Asset Management Suite
Using master license agreements to group licenses
Running software licensing reports
Hands-On Labs: Creating software products and associating software components; creating software purchases; creating software license contracts; reviewing software product information in the Resource Manager

Working with Procurement
Overview of procurement management in Asset Management Suite
Preparing the procurement environment
Requesting, ordering, and receiving purchases
Running procurement reports
Hands-On Labs: Creating a stockroom and supplier company; creating catalogs, catalog items and bundles; creating purchase requests, generating purchase orders, generating invoices and receiving items

Working with Barcode Solution
Overview of Barcode Solution
Preparing to work with Barcode
Working with Barcode on a handheld device
Working with Barcode in the Symantec Management Console
Running Barcode Solution reports
Hands-On Labs: Creating a synchronization template and synchronization profile; installing the Symantec Barcode Manager and Symantec Barcoder software; performing a Symantec Barcoder initial synchronization; creating a scanning rule; searching for and editing assets; using the items in the View menu; using the items in the Update menu; using the items in the Create / Receive menu; using the items in the Audit menu; resolving batch conflicts

Reporting Asset Management Information Using IT Analytics
Preparing to work with IT Analytics asset management items
Reviewing Key Performance Indicators and Dashboards
Working with IT Analytics asset management detailed reports
Working with IT Analytics asset management cubes

Working with the Asset Management Workflows
Overview of the asset management workflows
Workflow Server system requirements
Setting up the Workflow Server
Data configuration requirements
Installing the asset management workflows
Performing post-installation configuration
Using the asset ownership validation workflow
Using the purchase request workflows
Using the lease notification workflow

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