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Web Development Fundamentals - 40363 Course Outline

 (3 days)

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Students who are beginning studies in technology need a strong foundation in the basics before moving on to more advanced technology courses and certification programs. The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) is an innovative certification track designed to provide a pathway for future success in technology courses and careers.

The MTA program curriculum helps teach and validate fundamental technology concepts. Students will master the basic skills of creating basic and interactive web pages. They will gain an understanding of XML, The DataSet, The DataReader and WCF. Also included are subjects such as database controls and objects. The text also covers the fundamentals of Client-Side Scripting and Ajax Concepts as well as handling debugging and errors. Skills such as configuring and deploying web applications are also covered.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Creating a Web Page 1
Lesson Skill Matrix 1
Key Terms 1
Customizing the Layout and Appearance
of a Web Page 2
Using the Latest Standards of HTML 2
Applying Cascading Style Sheets to a Web Page 9
Finding Elements with CSS Selectors 12
Creating HTML Tables 14
Understanding ASP.NET Intrinsic Objects 17
Creating Web Pages Using the Properties, Methods, and Events of ASP.NET Intrinsic Objects 17
Understanding State Information in Web Applications 26
Understanding How State Is Stored and the Different Types of State 26
Skill Summary 30
Knowledge Assessment 31
Competency Assessment 33
Proficiency Assessment 33
Workplace Ready 34

Lesson 2: Creating an Interactive Web Page 35
Lesson Skill Matrix 35
Key Terms 35
Understanding Events and Control
Page Flow 36
Setting AutoEventWireup 36
Navigating between Pages 47
Understanding Controls 52
Differentiating the Various Types of Controls 52
Understanding Configuration Files 59
Skill Summary 63
Knowledge Assessment 63
Competency Assessment 65
Proficiency Assessment 65
Workplace Ready 66

Lesson 3: Working with XML, Data Objects, and WCF 67
Lesson Skill Matrix 67
Key Terms 67
Reading and Writing XML Data 67
Understanding Applications and Origins of XML 68
Distinguishing between DataSet and DataReader Objects 78
Understanding Databases 78
Using the DataSet Object 91
Choosing the Data Object Based on Application Requirements 94
Calling a Service from a Web Page 94
Examining App_WebReferences 97
Examining the <system.serviceModel> Element 99
Skill Summary 100
Knowledge Assessment 100
Competency Assessment 102
Proficiency Assessment 102
Workplace Ready 103

Lesson 4: Working with Data 104
Lesson Skill Matrix 104
Key Terms 104
Understanding DataSource Controls 104
Understanding the LinqDataSource Control 105
Understanding the ObjectDataSource 108
Binding Controls to Data by Using Data-Binding Syntax 113
Understanding Data-Aware Controls 115
Managing Data Connections and Databases 117
Understanding Connection Pools 125
Understanding Transaction Objects 126
Skill Summary 131
Knowledge Assessment 132
Competency Assessment 133
Proficiency Assessment 134
Workplace Ready 134

Lesson 5: Working with Client-Side Scripting 135
Lesson Skill Matrix 135
Key Terms 135
Understanding Client-Side Scripting 136
Understanding Client-Side Scripting and DOM 141
Understanding Ajax Concepts 143
Using ASP.NET AJAX 145
Understanding ScriptManager and ScriptManagerProxy 147
Working with Client-Side Libraries 161
Skill Summary 163
Knowledge Assessment 164
Competency Assessment 165
Proficiency Assessment 166
Workplace Ready 166

Lesson 6: Troubleshooting and Debugging Web Applications 167
Lesson Skill Matrix 167
Key Terms 167
Debugging a Web Application 167
Displaying the Appropriate Error Information to the Appropriate User 168
Handling Web Application Errors 172
Understanding HTTP Status Codes 172
Skill Summary 174
Knowledge Assessment 174
Competency Assessment 176
Proficiency Assessment 176
Workplace Ready 177

Lesson 7: Configuring and Deploying Web Applications 178
Lesson Skill Matrix 178
Key Terms 178
Configuring Authentication and Authorization 179
Understanding Authentication and Authorization 179
Understanding Impersonation 183
Configuring Projects and Solutions and Referencing Assemblies 184
Understanding Web Application Projects, Web Solutions, and Assemblies 184
Publishing Web Applications 187
Understanding IIS Installation and Configuration 187
Choosing the Method to Publish a Web Site Application Based on the Existing or Intended Environment 188
Understanding MSI Deployment 188
Understanding Application Pools 188
Understanding the Purpose of Application Pools and Their Effects on Web Applications 189
Skill Summary 189
Knowledge Assessment 189
Competency Assessment 191
Proficiency Assessment 191
Workplace Ready 192

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