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Selenium WebDriver 3: Level 2 Implementing Test Automation Frameworks Course Outline

 (3 days)
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Selenium WebDriver 3 Automation Testing Level 2 will give you the understanding of using the various APIs of Selenium WebDriver 3, which are used in automation tests, followed by a discussion of the various WebDriver implementations available. You will learn to strategize and handle rich web UI using advanced WebDriver API along with real-time challenges faced in WebDriver and solutions to handle them. Selenium WebDriver 3 Level 2 will allow you to discover different types of testing such as cross-browser testing, load testing, and mobile testing with Selenium. Finally, you will also be introduced to data-driven testing using TestNG to create your own automation framework.

Learning Objectives
In this training, attendees will learn:
Understand what Selenium 3 is and how is has been improved than its predecessor
Use different mobile and desktop browser platforms with Selenium 3
Perform advanced actions, such as drag-and-drop and action builders on web page
Learn to use Java 8 API and Selenium 3 together
Explore remote WebDriver and discover how to use it
Perform cross browser and distributed testing with Selenium Grid
Use Actions API for performing various keyboard and mouse actions

Special Note to New Hampshire Residents
This course has not yet been approved by the State's Department of Education. Please contact us to get an update as to when the class should be available in New Hampshire.

Students should have completed the Selenium WebDriver 3 Level 1 course or have the equivalent knowledge of the learning objectives from the Selenium WebDriver 3 Level 1 outline.

Course Outline

Section 1: Introduction to WebDriver and WebElements
Understand the different Selenium Testing Tools
Discover differences between Selenium 2 and Selenium 3
Setting up a project in Eclipse with Maven and TestNG using Java
Using WebElements
Locating WebElements using WebDriver
Interacting with WebElements

Section 2: WebDrivers and Browser
Understanding the Firefox Driver
Understanding the Chrome Driver
Understanding the Internet Explorer Drive
Understanding the Edge Driver
Understanding the Safari Driver

Section 3: Using Java 8 Features with Selenium
Introducing Java 8 Stream API
Understanding Stream API with Selenium WebDriver
Testing with Selenium WebDriver and Java 8 Stream API

Section 4: Exploring the Features of WebDriver
Taking Screenshots
Locating target windows and frames
Exploring navigation
Waiting for WebElements to load
Handling cookies

Section 5: Exploring Advanced Interactions of WebDriver
Understanding the build and perform actions
Learning mouse based interactions
Learning keyboard based interactions

Section 6: Understanding WebDriver Events
Introducing the eventFiringWebDriver and eventListener classes
Creating an instance of EventListener
Exploring different WebDriver event listeners

Section 7: Exploring RemoteWebDriver
Introduction to RemoteWebDriver
Understanding the JSON wire protocol
Using the RemoteWebDriver in Automation Testing

Section 8: Setting Up the Selenium Grid
Exploring the Selenium Grid
Understanding the hub and the node
Modifying the existing test script to use Selenium Grid
Configuring the Selenium Grid
Using cloud-based grids for cross-browser testing

Section 9: The PageObjects Design
Creating test cases for WordPress
Understanding the PageObject pattern
Best practices for the PageObject design
Working on an end-to-end example of WordPress

Section 10: Mobile Testing on IOS and Andriod Using Appium
Examining different forms of mobile applications
Understanding available software tools
Automating iOS and Andriod test using Appium

Section 11: Data-driven Testing with TESTNG
Introduction to data-driven testing
Parameterizing Tests using suite parameters
Parameterizing Tests with a Data Provider
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