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Adobe Dreamweaver CC (Creative Cloud 2015 Release) Course Outline

 (4 days)
Version CC 2015

** This class is taught on PC running Windows **

You want to create and maintain web pages for your website. The fundamental elements of a web page are HTML, XHTML, CSS, and some JavaScript. These technologies take some time to master. In this course, you will use Adobe® Dreamweaver® to create web pages, focusing on the content, styling, and design. As you construct the web pages, Dreamweaver will competently create the XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript required.

You will also maintain and administer your website with Dreamweaver’s site and page management tools. The website and pages you create will reflect your content and design and will be professionally accurate for your site visitors.

This course covers the Web Authoring Using Adobe Dreamweaver CC objectives to help students prepare for the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) exam. This course is also designed to cover the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) exam objectives.

Course Objectives
In this course, you will use Dreamweaver CC to design, build, maintain, and upload websites. You will:
Identify Dreamweaver fundamentals.
Create websites.
Create web pages.
Insert tables and import content into web pages.
Create reusable site assets.
Link web pages and send the website to the server.

Target Student
This course is most valuable for individuals who have been given responsibilities to create or maintain a website. It will also be valuable for new web designers, web developers, and graphic artists who want to extend their skills in creating complete websites. Learning how to use Dreamweaver CC will enable the practitioner to create web pages and sites in the most efficient manner.

To ensure success in this course, you should have basic personal computing skills. For accelerated learning and deeper understanding of this course, it is also recommended that you have some exposure to various web design technologies, so you may also want to take the HTML 5: Content Authoring with HTML5 and CSS3 course.
HTML 5: Content Authoring with HTML5 and CSS3

Course Content

1 Customizing Your Workspace
Switching and Splitting Views
Working with Panels
Working with Extract
Adjusting Toolbars
Creating Custom Keyboard Shortcuts
Using Property Inspector
Using Tag Selectors

2 HTML Basics
Writing Your Own HTML Code
Understanding HTML Syntax
Inserting and Formatting with HTML
Frequently used HTML4 Codes
Introducing HTML5

3 CSS Basics
CSS Box Model
Formatting Text
Multiple Classes and Id’s
Formatting Objects
CSS3 Overview and Support

4 Web Design Basics
Developing a New Website
Working with Thumbnails and Wireframes
Creating Web Assets Using Adobe Generator

5 Creating a Page Layout
Working with Predefined Layouts
Working with the CSS Designer
Working with Type
Creating a CSS Background
Modifying Existing Content

6 Designing for Mobile Devices
Responsive Design
Previewing Your Completed File
Working with Media Queries
Using Element Quick View
Edge Inspect

7 Working with Templates
Moving Embedded CSS to an External File
Creating a Template from an Existing Layout
Inserting Editable Regions and Metadata
Producing Child Pages

8 Working with Text, Lists, and Tables
Creating and Styling Text
Creating Lists
Creating and Styling Tables
Spellchecking Web Pages
Finding and Replacing Text

9 Working with Images
Web Image Basics
Inserting an Image
Adjusting Image Position with CSS
Working with Insert Panel

10 Working with Navigation
Hyperlink Basics
Creating Internal Hyperlinks
Creating an External Link
Setting up Email Links
Creating Image Based Links
Targeting Page Elements

11 Adding Interactivity
Previewing the Completed File
Working with Dreamweaver Behaviors
Working with jQuery Accordion Widgets

12 Working with Web Animation and Video
Understanding Web Animation and Video
Adding Web Animation to a Page
Adding Web Video to a Page
Choosing HTML5 Video Options

13 Publishing to the Web
Defining a Remote Site
Cloaking Folders and Files
Putting Your Site Online
Synchronizing Local and Remote Sites
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