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BizTalk 2013 Administrator Immersion Course Outline

 (5 days)
Version 2013

Voucher Notice
This class is an expanded BizTalk offering that goes beyond the curriculum offered directly by Microsoft. As a result, this course is not eligible for payment through Software Assurance Vouchers funded by Microsoft.

Become a BizTalk Server Administrator in 5 days. This course covers everything a new BizTalk Server Administrator needs to know to "hit the ground running": installation and configuration, disaster recovery, tracking, troubleshooting, deployment, scripting, and a variety of community tools and best practices. If it concerns a BizTalk Server administrator we cover it. Each student works with their own multi-server BizTalk Server Group.

Course Highlghts
At course completion, students will be able to:
 Setup new BizTalk Server Groups
 Add new BizTalk Server computers to an existing BizTalk Server group
 Deploy BizTalk Server applications using MSIs
 Manage application configuration using binding files
 Securely manage passwords using ESSO Affiliate Applications
 Configure routing of messages using Filter Expressions
 Enable high-availability of BizTalk Server processes using hosts and host instances
 Deploy custom Business Activity Monitoring tracking solutions
 Enable EDI-based integration with trading partners
 Deploy, monitor, and manage Business Rule Engine policies
 Automate BizTalk Server management tasks using BTSTask and PowerShell scripts
 Configure BizTalk database log shipping
 Design disaster recovery plans
 Configure BizTalk Receive Ports and Receive Locations
 Configure BizTalk Send Ports and Send Port Groups
 Enable message security using pipelines

This course is intended for:
 Systems Administrators - who deploy and manage a multi-server BizTalk Server environment
 Systems Engineers - who design and manage a BizTalk enterprise infrastructure
Attendees are expected to have hands-on experience managing a Windows-based network environment, but no prior BizTalk Server

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to BizTalk Server
 What Is BizTalk Server?
 The BizTalk Server Development Environment
 Lab: Examining a BizTalk Application

Module 2: Deploying BizTalk Applications
 Deployment Fundamentals
 Deploying Manually
 Working with Bindings Files
 Deploying using MSI Packages
 Lab: Deploying a BizTalk Application

Module 3: Configuring BizTalk Applications
 The BizTalk Publish Subscribe Model
 Introduction to Adapters
 Creating Receive and Send Ports
 Logical Port Bindings
 Lab: Configuring a BizTalk Application

Module 4: Tracking and Troubleshooting BizTalk Applications
 Troubleshooting using the Group Hub
 Lab: Troubleshooting BizTalk Server Applications
 Enabling Tracking
 Viewing Tracked Information
 Lab: Implementing BizTalk Server Tracking

Module 5: Setting up BizTalk Environments
 Planning a BizTalk Installation
 Pre-Installation Tasks
 Installing and Configuring BizTalk Server
 Post Configuration Tasks
 Lab: Install and Configure BizTalk Server

Module 6: Creating Highly-Available BizTalk Environments
 BizTalk Hosts and Host Instances
 Creating Hosts and Host Instances
 Isolated Hosts and Web Services
 Lab: Creating Hosts and Host Instances

Module 7: Scripting Management Tasks
 Scripting using BTSTask
 Scripting using PowerShell
 Lab: Scripting BizTalk Management

Module 8: Securing Passwords using ESSO
 ESSO Fundamentals
 Extending ESSO
 Lab: Managing Credentials using ESSO

Module 9: Business Activity Monitoring for Administrators
 BAM Fundamentals
 Administration of BAM Components
 Lab: Administrating Business Activity Monitoring

Module 10: Business Rules Engine for Administrators
 BRE Fundamentals
 BRE Administration Tasks
 Lab: Deploying and Managing Business Rule Policies

Module 11: BizTalk Message Security
 Securing Messages using Pipelines
 Encrypting and Decrypting Messages
 Applying and Verifying Digital Signatures
 Lab: Enabling Encryption and Decryption

Module 12: Business to Business Integration using EDI
 Role-Based Integration
 What is EDI?
 Enabling EDI-Based Messaging
 Lab: B2B Integration using EDI

Module 13: 3rd Party Utilities
 BizTalk Server Community Tools
 Lab: BizTalk Utilities and Tools

Module 14: Disaster Recovery Planning for BizTalk Server
 Disaster Recovery Considerations
 Recovering BizTalk Server Databases
 Recovering the BizTalk Server Runtime
 Recovering Enterprise Single Sign-On
 Lab: Implementing BizTalk Log Shipping
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