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Top WordPress CMS Plugins ONLC Training Centers

WordPress has quickly become one of the most popular website development tools on the market today. It gives non-technical employees the ability to build and manage websites and content. This frees up developers for other more technically advanced projects and allows them to support WordPress users when they need new plugins or dashboards created.

One of the tasks performed most often in WordPress is content creation which includes management for websites, blogs, and other custom applications. Let’s discuss some of the top-rated CMS plugins for WordPress that make content management easier for administrators, clients and site visitors.

1. White Label CMS

This plugin allows developers to create and implement dashboard panels, customize menus and provide access to widgets and themes for administrators. It also allows you to insert personalized messages to clients, add custom logos to headers and footers as well as link to essential elements in the CMS.  

2. PS Auto Sitemap

PS Auto Sitemap automatically generates sitemaps for your WP page and gives the administrator the ability to customize the sitemap or table of contents used to navigate the web pages. Features of your sitemap that you can customize include the display of homepages, categories, and posts or pages. You can also choose to exclude features or elements you don’t want displayed.  

3. List Category Posts

This plugin provides the ability to use a shortcode to automatically categorize and organize posts. It also accepts other parameters that are configurable and can be set by placing shortcode inside the post.

4. Cornerstone

Cornerstone allows posts to be put in different sections on the page. This helps to further categorize content and make the site easier to structure. Cornerstone can also help with organizing content types, structuring permalinks and setting up RSS feeds for sections on the site.

5. Admin Management Xtended

This specific plugin helps admins manage content easily and quickly by adding icons to the post/pages management panel. These icons provide access to AJAX driven functions like changing publication date and toggling post or page visibility. The best thing is that you can stay on the management page without having to open extra tabs for the pages to set their properties.

6. Simple Fields

The Simple Fields plugin is a replacement for custom fields. It adds text areas, radio buttons, text boxes, checkboxes, a file browser and dropdowns to the admin area. You can also group specific fields so that they make more sense and are easier to find.

7. Front Page Category

With this plugin, you can choose posts from one or more categories to be on the front page. You can also exclude posts based on their category so that they only show up in archive pages.

There are tons of plugins for WordPress that let you customize your site and make it easier to use for your specialized purpose. These plugins help make WordPress perform more like a content management system and allow you to create and manage your digital content.  

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