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Microsoft Office 2019 is Coming ONLC Training Centers

It’s just about time for a brand new release of Microsoft Office, which has held the title of the most popular office productivity suite for the past almost 30 years. The last release was Office 2016 in late 2015. With the ever-changing digital scope, it’s no surprise that Microsoft is anxious to release another version of Office. All of the old heavy hitters like Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint will be included, but the way they interact with each other and the addition of new socially inspired pieces will change how you use them. Let’s take a look at the changes coming with the new Microsoft Office 2019 release.

Office 365 Users

Microsoft has been promoting their Office 365 service for customers who have had at least partially embraced cloud technology. This Office suite allows you to access your applications from anywhere on any computer. Extensive support for mobile devices has been added, and the inclusion of collaboration tools is its bread and butter.

The release of Microsoft Office 2019 will be geared mostly towards customers who haven’t fully embraced cloud technology and wish to keep at least some part of their business on premises. However, the innovations that will be included in Office 2019 will eventually also show up in Office 365, so users who have moved completely to the web/cloud platform will also realize huge benefits.

Core Product Features

New user enhancements will be included such as increased inking pressure sensitivity, tilt effects, and ink replay. New canned calculations, formulas, and charting enhancements will be included in Excel while animation and morphing capabilities will also be included in PowerPoint. Most of the features will be geared toward customers who aren’t quite ready to move to the cloud and would prefer to install their applications locally and keep at least most of their infrastructure on premises.

Perpetual Licensing

This is exactly what it sounds like. Customers can pay a subscription fee, and they will be allowed to use the product indefinitely. This is different from the subscription service for Office 365 where users get new updates on the fly since no local software installation is required. Also, there is no support for previous versions of Windows. You will need Windows 10 at least as of the time of this writing.

Microsoft might relinquish this philosophy if a decent business case arises. This release will also have a reduced support schedule. Instead of 10 years of support, customers will get 5 years of normal product support followed by only 2 years of extended support.

New and Existing Products

Skype for Business will be assimilated into Microsoft Office 2019 and will most likely be renamed. Future users will just use the functionality like it has always been a part of Office. Microsoft will introduce new features driven by social media concepts such as the inclusion of groups and teams.

Groups work almost exactly like groups on Facebook. Teams can also be designated that will give you the ability to chat and collaborate with your peers on the same project. Products like Planner will also be introduced so that a “group” can add, manage and keep tabs on the progress of tasks specific to different projects.

The best way to be prepared to use all of the new features offered in Microsoft Office 2019 is to get training by contacting ONLC. We offer remote classroom instruction that can be scheduled at any of our 300+ remote learning locations around the country or from a location, like your home or office, that best suits your learning needs. Contact us today to see how we can help you prepare to use all of the new features in Office 2019.

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