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ONLC autocad changes in 2020

Many new powerful features have been added to AutoDesk’s AutoCAD computer-aided drafting software for 2020. AutoCAD has never been so powerful, adaptive, and portable as it will be with all the accessibility and usability features added to this latest version. Engineers, architects, drafters, and anyone who needs to be able to design 2D and 3D scaled drawings will benefit from the 2020 edition of AutoCAD. To make the most out of an AutoCAD certification, let’s look at some of the features new to this latest version of the most popular modeling software on the market today. 

Mobility/Connectivity Features

It is now possible to create, edit, and view drawings on almost any device. These features are facilitated by the new web interface that automatically customizes and optimizes itself to the platform being utilized. This could be on a computer, tablet, or even a smartphone. Also, the new AutoDesk Cloud provides a previously unrealized level of connectivity. Drawings can be accessed and manipulated from anywhere with any Internet-connected device. A new dark theme has also been added to reduce eye strain from glare when viewing drawings on different devices in changing light conditions.

Quick Measure

The “Quick” option of the Measure command inside the UI will measure any object, the distance between two objects, and the angles of connected lines inside 2D drawings. Simply move the mouse over any line or object in the drawing to see all the corresponding measurements in real-time and to scale.

DWG Compare

One of the most powerful and helpful features is one that was introduced in the previous release but has been dramatically improved through user feedback. The compare feature will allow the user to see the differences between the two drawings in real-time. The differences are highlighted in red. Elements from either drawing can easily be imported into the drawing that it is being compared. The new features will turn gray when they exist in both drawings. Also, the ability to export a new drawing based on the comparison changes between the two prior drawings has been added.

Blocks Palette

This new feature provides the user with a floating context menu that remembers blocks from previous drawings. This allows for quickly placing common types of blocks instead of drawing them from scratch each time. To do so, drag a block from the menu onto the drawing surface to place it in the drawing or click on the block in the palette and then click on the precise location inside the main drawing where it should appear. Effects such as rotation and scale can also be easily manipulated, and there is even an option to repeat the previous block placement if the same block needs to be added multiple times.

Performance Improvements

Faster drawing save times and 50% faster install times for solid-state hard drives are additions to the 2020 version. The time it takes to render complex blocks, and import drawing features from other drawings have also been optimized.

By far, the easiest way to learn how to use AutoCAD and take advantage of all the new features added to the 2020 version is to get training. The best way to obtain training is by signing up for an AutoCAD Certification Bundle from ONLC. Certification bundles include savings on training classes, exam preparation software, and an exam voucher for when you’re ready to take the certification exam. Professionals who hold certifications stand out from the pack, and employers know that they have the drive and dedication to see a project through and get the job done. Why not contact ONLC today to get started learning how to wield the full power of AutoCAD 2020?

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