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VLOOKUP stands for “vertical lookup” and its primary function is to find values in a column (vertical) and then return a corresponding value of another cell in that value’s row (horizontal). One example is if you are standing at the counter of a restaurant and you’re looking down the list of items and then looking […]

Microsoft SQL Server has been one of the most powerful and widely used relational database systems for over 20 years now. Along with Oracle and MySQL, SQL Server is one of the most widely used enterprise database management systems. Learning how to use any relational database system can help boost almost any career, but if […]

Administrative assistants keep any office they work in humming. They forecast scenarios, diagnose problems, and organize information quickly and concisely, making their superiors and colleagues look good by virtue. And there might not be a tool that’s more indispensable to them than Microsoft Excel. For experienced assistants, there are many uses of Excel in the […]

Women Learning Adobe Lessons

Work is looking a little different these days. Not just in the manner we do it or the environment we do it in, but in the resources and support needed to truly thrive professionally. It’s no longer sufficient to excel in one area — you need to be skilled in a few things.  And contrary […]

Amazon is more than a friendly face at your doorstep each day. Amazon has it’s very own dominant computing technology and it seems to grow in popularity every day. Several different disciplines are encapsulated by AWS and Amazon is even offering technical certifications for those disciplines. The AWS Cloud Practitioner, AWS Certified Solutions Architect, AWS […]


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are much more than a Rolodex system for customers. These technologies help streamline customer relationships at all touchpoints to allow companies to maintain loyal customers and grow their leads, all the while providing a means of gathering and archiving customer data.  Leading the CRM industry is Salesforce, the #1 platform […]