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Most people think you have to be a programmer to learn programming skills. That?s simply not true. In fact, you have nothing to lose by learning computer programming skills and everything to gain. Online IT training makes learning programming skills more accessible than ever, allowing you to learn from anywhere you are?located.? Programming is similar […]

At some point, you may have found yourself asking, ?What is conditional formatting?? Conditional formatting means that you can change or add visual cues based on a specified set of rules. It provides a way to improve the appearance and increase the functionality of your spreadsheets as you?re working based on the conditions you have […]

Searching for a new job can seem like a daunting task and these days it seems the only way to do so is by filling out an online form on a job search website. If you?re just graduating college, most IT programs have some sort of process in place so that you can get your […]