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Years ago, hunting for a job in IT meant sprucing up your resume, getting your recommendations in order, and scouring the classifieds for places to send your cover letter. And just as it’s made its mark on so many other things (like your career path!), the internet has added a lot of new variables and […]

It?s no secret that the field of IT field is booming. Whether it?s for business or pleasure, more and more of our daily activities are moving online, increasing the need for skilled IT professionals to help build, improve and protect the systems and networks we all use. However, IT professionals aren?t the only group who […]

Microsoft Excel has been the go-to spreadsheet program for decades. Almost every business professional has used Excel at some point to organize data, compute totals, and create graphs. Excel Analytics provides capabilities that allow users to go way beyond typical Excel functionality. A great way to learn how to leverage the extensive power of Excel […]