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We?re still at least a few months away from the official release of Microsoft?s SQL Server 2016. So far we only have rumors to work with, but there is quite a bit to be excited about for those interested in information technology, database management, and networking. If you have an Azure account, Microsoft offers a […]

The term ?hacker? isn?t exactly a positive one. For most, it probably conjures up images of shrouded silhouettes working furiously at a keyboard for some nefarious purpose. While that stereotype may hold some truth, the reality is, being a hacker doesn?t necessarily mean you are a ?bad guy.? In fact, there?s something called ?ethical hacking,? […]

Word processors have been around as long as computers had keyboards, but there?s still something new anyone can learn about Microsoft Word. The latest version has a slew of new features, but at least one of these five Microsoft Word tricks will be new to anyone you talk to ? even that young intern who […]