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Get your shopping list ready! Just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’ve found this year’s tech gifts and gadgets that will satisfy any tech lover on your gift list this holiday season. You may find something for yourself too. Check out our picks for twelve tech-filled days of Christmas!

1 nintendo

1.      Nintendo Classic Gaming System

If you’re a child of the 80’s, then you remember spending hours and hours on the Nintendo 8-bit console dodging barrels thrown at you by an ape or jumping on top of mushrooms. Well, get ready to relive your childhood. The Nintendo Classic comes preloaded with all your favorite NES games. No cartridges to take out and blow in. Just plug and play. It even has an HDMI connection for modern TV’s.

 2 pocket lense

2.      Pocket Lenses

Camera phones have come a long way since the days they were first included on flip phones. Most people use them instead of paying for standalone cameras. To that end, new pocket lenses have been created to fit over your camera phone so that you can take wide-angle photos or extreme close-ups. They are inexpensive and usually clip right onto your device.

3 projector

3.      Mobile Entertainment

Have you ever just wanted to watch a movie anywhere at the spur of the moment? Now you can thanks to the portable DLP projector. These mini projectors allow you to show 1080P movies from your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile devices. Just connect an HDMI cable and enjoy up to 100 inches of movie entertainment without electricity.

 4 soundbar

4.      Wireless Soundbar

If you really want to take your portable entertainment to the next level, you can pair your wireless projector with a wireless soundbar for home theater quality sound on the go. It even includes dual subwoofers for booming bass.

5 survival pen

5.      Survival Pen 

I know what you’re thinking. How can a pen help me in a survival situation? Well this tactical pen has an LED flashlight, bottle opener, glass breaker, and all sorts of other useful attachments. Oh, it actually is a pen, too, if you want to use it every day. You can carry it anywhere and feel safe knowing that you always have the tools for almost any job close at hand.

 6 apple watch

6.      Apple Watch Series 5

If you’re one of the many that are rocking Apple iPhones, you might be interested in pairing it with the new Apple Watch Series 5 that just came out in September. You can track your heart rate, count your steps, use GPS, preview emails and texts, and even tell time with the latest Apple gadget.

7 photoprinting 

7.      Photo Printing

Printing your own photos is not a new concept. These little printers have been out for some time. However, this is the state of the art. This photo printer allows you to print 4×6 prints on water and tear-resistant paper from any of your devices. Never order expensive online photo prints again.

 8 smart lock

8.      Smart Door Locks

If you have wanted a smart lock but didn’t want to have a separate key for each door, then this is the product for you. It works with your existing deadbolt lock so that you can keep your same keys. It has its own app, but you can also send it commands through Amazon Alexa or Google Home devices.

9 dyson

9.      Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier

Air purifiers have been around for many years and obviously so have heaters and fans. However, up until now no one has combined all three. The Dyson Hot + Cool, HP02 – HEPA Air Purifier will heat and cool and purify the air with either setting and you can also control it with your smart device over Wi-Fi.

10 keychain

10. Keychain Flashlight

The Streamlight Nano Keychain Flashlight is so tiny that you won’t even know it’s on your keychain. It can also operate up to a year or longer on a single battery. This thing puts out plenty of light. So much so that you won’t even have to worry about carrying a large flashlight. This little guy is all you need. It also comes in several stylish colors.


11. Digital Customizable Backpack

This Pix Customizable LED backpack is essentially a waterproof mobile LED screen. Show your individuality by displaying any image that shows off your style. Simply hook it to any portable power bank with a 2A connection and then connect it to your smart device to display any picture, video, or even game in your library.

 12 golf

12. Analyze Your Swing at Home

This new Zep Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer combines several technologies into one outstanding tool to analyze and help improve your golf swing. Smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, Bluetooth, accelerometers, video cameras, and gyroscopes are some of the technologies utilized to give you a 3D representation of your golf swing. Metrics such as speed and angle can also be captured with the included sensors.

These are only 12 of the new technology gifts that you might surprise someone with this Christmas season. There are hundreds more that can be had at your fingertips. We wish you happy shopping and an even happier holiday season! 

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