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InDesign Classes in Lacey, WA

Attend InDesign training in Lacey. Our Lacey classroom is configured to allow you to get the most out of your InDesign class.

Adobe InDesign Classes in Lacey, Washington

Learn Adobe InDesign in our Lacey, Washington facility to create stunning designs using tools that enable free-flowing expression, with fine control over graphics, typography, color, transparency, effects, and placed images. InDesign offers a variety of features that make it ideal for designers who work in print and/or online mediums.

ONLC offers instructor-led training classes in Lacey, Washington for InDesign at an intro level and also an advanced level class for those with more experience. You may also use this training to help prepare for Adobe Certifed Expert (ACE) certification.

Lacey InDesign Training & Courses

  Adobe InDesign CC (Creative Cloud 2014 Release) Lacey, WA $1,495 / 4 day(s)
  Adobe InDesign CS6 Level 1 Lacey, WA $750 / 2 day(s)
  Adobe InDesign CS6 Level 2 Lacey, WA $750 / 2 day(s)
  Adobe InDesign CS5 Introduction Lacey, WA $750 / 2 day(s)
  Adobe InDesign CS5 Advanced Lacey, WA $750 / 2 day(s)

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Providing InDesign training classes in Lacey, WA.
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